4 Best Phone Safety Apps in 2022 and Why They Help

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Despite being effective, personal safety devices are much less convenient than apps. Hence, if you want to feel protected wherever you go, you'd better use apps safety. Mobile software will power your phone with a panic button and other features to request help in emergencies.

This article lists the applications to consider with their features, pros, and cons.

Why Do You Need to Worry About Your Safety?

We seek fortune, wealth, and love for most of our lives. Yet, in the pursuit of these, we forget about what matters. The older you get, the more valuable are the moments of life. When was the last time you visited your doctor? What is the address of the nearest hospital, and what services should you contact in case an accident happens? Do you use phone safety apps?

Yeah, constantly thinking about personal safety and staying alive may sound boring, but here's the thing.

Disturbing Statistics 

According to National Statistics, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men in the US are rape victims. Almost half of women (46.7%) and men (44.9%) victims of rape in the United States were raped by their acquaintances. Of these, 45.4% of female rape victims and 29% of male rape victims were raped by an intimate partner. Sounds terrifying, right?

Here's more. 19.3 million women and 5.1 million men in the United States have suffered from stalking. One-third of adults aged 45 and older feel lonely and in danger, and one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older are socially isolated, thus increasing the risk of premature death.

Moreover, the US's estimated number of violent crimes reached 1,313,105 in 2020. This is an increase from the year before, with 1,250,393 violent crimes reported. 

Despite us not noticing it, there are a lot of factors surrounding us every day that can damage our physical and mental state. 

Why Is It Necessary to Choose Phone Safety Apps?

Judging from the statistics alone it is easy to understand that personal safety should be a top 1 priority no matter the age or financial status. The dangers can wait for you in the places where you feel completely safe like parties and gatherings, street walks, or even your own home. In order to achieve it, you have to change your environment, and the people around you and most probably become a better equipped and informed person. A lot of the issues can be easily solved with modern technology like choosing the best safety apps. Just think about it, all you have to do to make your life just a little bit better is to clean up some space on your smartphone and install one of the best safety apps which are available both on Android and iOS devices. 

What's the Best Way to Choose Phone Safety Apps?

Phone safety apps can significantly reduce the risks of late-night walks or temporary living in an unsafe environment. They enable you to start an alarm or contact 911 in emergencies.

The phone safety apps are versatile, so you will have dozens of options to test. Here's a quick instruction on how to make your choice

  1. Think about when you will use the app.

  2. Decide whether you want to contact 911 or selecting emergency contacts is enough

  3. Shortlist several options

  4. Test the most suitable app to ensure it's reliable and easy to use.

To help you choose the best safety apps, we compared the prices, functions, and accessibility for you. Today we are ready to list the best safety apps that won't leave you in danger.

4 Best Safety Apps to Download

  1. Zich

Zich is a networking app founded by Nilanjan Das in June 2021. One of its unique features among the best safety apps is getting a fake call to avoid stalkers (We've already discussed how widespread stalking problems are). Developers at Zich apps safety decided to solve it with the most obvious solution - scaring an offender with a call from a person that already knows your location and will mention that in dialogue. You can also set up the time to receive it.

Other features are standard but still quite handy. Zich can share your location during emergencies. You only need to choose who to send SOS signals to when you are in danger. You can send SOS with voice commands and set up different alerts for different situations.

It costs not that much, charging 2.99 USD for a monthly subscription, and has a trial mode. Its main problem is a lack of user reviews on the stores. The app doesn't support older Android versions, has quite a few bugs with GPS tracking, and doesn't always process the monthly payments correctly. Overall, it's great but needs a lot of fixes to be used as your primary safety device.

  1. invisaWear

invisaWear isn't just one of the best safety apps. It is a necklace that has a hidden button to contact your friends or family in case of immediate danger. Its sleek design is a big advantage – the necklace is stylish, and the design materials are well crafted. Besides necklaces, invisaWear offers bands and keychains to suit any user's taste.

A mobile app lets you set it all up. The setup is easy, but the functionality is limited. It has live video calls, place test alerts, reassurance calls, and a messenger with safety features). 

As to its downsides, you can read them in Amazon user reviews. People complain about constant crashes, panic button problematic registration, problems with functionality, and being non-waterproof. If you are ready to take the chance, the pricing starts from 30 USD per month + the price of the bracelet.

  1. Flare 

Flare is an alternative to invisaWear's product. It is also a bracelet with a hidden button that can trigger a fake phone call, text family and friends for help, and track your GPS location. The fake phone call is less advanced than Zich's one, but generally, Flare is a reliable option for app safety. 

You don't need to worry about a monthly subscription, and testing shows that it is pretty durable. As for the downsides, it only works with iOS devices. Hence, Android users won't be able to use one of the best safety apps.

  1. AllsWell Alert

AllsWell Alert is a leader among the best safety apps. It doesn't require any device and is suitable for all user categories. AllsWell Alert has GPS alerts, a panic button, and inactivity monitoring. You click the button, and SOS messages go to selected contacts with your GPS location. If you cannot activate panic alerts, the inactivity monitoring feature steps in. It tracks your phone usage and activates alerts in risky situations automatically. So if you are in physical danger or are experiencing health issues that leave you offline, AllsWell Alert makes sure you are safe. Its international coverage makes it available to people worldwide, and it doesn't have any platform restrictions.

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