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Americans are a nation on wheels, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, the omnipresence of vehicles around us has its downside, as heavy traffic and car accidents have become more frequent. Cautious driving is the best way to ensure you get around safely. However, a crash may still happen, so you also need a reliable way to ask for help.

One way to go if you’ve ended up in an accident or got stuck because of an unfortunate breakdown could be using an accident report app. This type of software encompasses numerous applications helping you call out for specific assistance in distress. You can use a car accident app to request emergency services, find the nearest tow truck service, or document the immediate aftermath of the wreck.

Go on with the reading, and you’ll see how exactly these apps may work for you in acute cases.

What is a Car Accident Mobile App

Most accident apps are designed for crash detection monitoring and setting off the alarm in a collision. However, there is much more to it. Mobile devices can substitute the dashboard camera or help you locate nearby hospitals and towing companies. So naturally, users can leverage full-fledged accident report apps besides standard traffic accident detectors. Such products allow you to document property damage and even file an insurance claim.

Generally, accident apps fall into the following categories:

  • Car crash detectors. So-called personal safety apps for drivers. They send emergency alert notifications and call crash responders once triggered by the impact.

  • Accident report software. These are advanced versions of accident notification apps, allowing you to generate a comprehensive report to share with your insurance company or legal advisor.

  • Traffic monitoring apps. Applications like this provide updates on traffic density, road works, and car accidents on the way. Quite a time-saver if you want to commute through the downtown in peak hours or make it fast on interstate highways. 

  • Apps for towing requests. They work perfectly well when you need to get prompt roadside assistance. Firstly, you can choose from a broad selection of independent contractors with feedback from real customers. Secondly, it could be cheaper than traditional emergency roadside services as in-app offers usually cost less.

  • Dashboard camera apps. Documenting other drivers’ faults is the main purpose of these apps. Besides the video recording functionality that ordinary DVR recorders have, dashboard apps can simplify real-time navigation while driving and assist you with augmented reality on-screen prompts.

As you can see, the capabilities of car accident apps go far beyond detecting collisions and making emergency calls. They provide immense assistance before and after an accident, so you can either evade it or deal with negative consequences more confidently.

How Does an Accident Notification App Work?

Car accident detection apps register the actual crash by analyzing accelerometer and GPS data. In some cases, mobile apps can detect the bump from an abnormal decibel level.

When the collision occurs, it triggers GPS tracking. As a result, the application detects the exact location and time of the accident to send an automatic notification to the monitoring service center.

The most popular traffic accident detection and reporting software have supervising personnel. These are the first responders to your emergency signal sending the 911 representatives to the car wreck site. So basically, the accident report app doesn’t need your involvement to request help and make emergency services come to the rescue. It is crucial as drivers and passengers might be badly injured, immobilized within the cabin, or unconscious.

Adding an emergency contact list to the accident app is also quite practical as it gives you an extra backup in case of a road accident. It is worth doing as people to whom you entrust your safety on the road are aware of the specifics of your trip. They know your regular routes and probably travel them too. So they can pick out the shortcut to get to you without delay or inform the towing truck company professionals about the problem.

Features of Apps for Reporting Traffic Accidents

In general, a car accident alert app provides automatic alarm notifications similar to personal safety apps. You may immediately reach out to emergency responders or pre-set emergency contacts. If you also want to document the consequences of collision or wreckage, we recommend you opt for an accident report app.

Their features are really handy for collecting information, saving evidence, and putting down the statements:

  • Automated prompts on collecting photos of a crash. Taking multiple snapshots of a damaged vehicle from various angles might not be that simple if you’ve never done it before. Luckily, the accident report app has guided templates for it.

  • Voice recording. It helps collect witness statements, which are valuable for the further claim processing. Records are securely stored in the app’s cloud.

  • Instant import of car owner details to an accident report form. An accident report app can attach the necessary information from your driver’s license, vehicle registration card, and insurance to the claim. Just take photos of those documents in advance, and they will be available for generating a report.

  • Built-in tutorials on behaving after the car crash. Everything you do or say after the road accident can be used against you in lawsuit processing. That’s why it’s better to follow in-app instructions on how to act after an accident, what to tell other participants, and what to avoid.

Apart from providing convenient ways for collecting data at the accident site, reporting apps can significantly assist you in case of an unexpected car wreck. You can request their authorized towing specialists and get your broken vehicle transported to the nearest service station in a couple of taps. Some applications also cover minor repairs such as jump start or tire change that can be provided on-site.

Android 13 Default Car Accident Alarm

Besides downloadable Android apps, owners of devices running on Android 13 can leverage the built-in Emergency SOS feature to send help requests in a car crash. Collision detection works in the same way as mentioned above – you need to enable access to the accelerometer and location service data. 

The phone will start a 60-second countdown once the impact is detected. If the user doesn’t cancel it before the time runs out, the app will call 911 automatically. The great thing about it is that your device displays the snippet from Google Maps with the current address and coordinates during the call. So it would be easy to tell the operator where to dispatch emergency responders if you get crashed in an unfamiliar area.

3 Things to Remember When Using an Accident Report App

  1. Extended use of GPS location service drains your phone’s battery. It’s better to connect a mobile phone to the charger if you need to keep the accident notification app permanently. Most apps allow you to set location tracking and crash detection monitoring to an automatic mode or manage them manually. The latter option is preferable if you do not drive often.

  2. Car accident alert apps don’t tie up your plates to your account. A car plate number is only needed if you put down a full-fledged report on an actual accident. So there’s no restriction for sending alarm messages to first responders and emergency contacts if you’re driving the vehicle shared with other family members.

  3. No need to worry about false alarms. Car crash detection algorithms can differentiate whether there was an actual collision. Hard braking, an accidental phone drop, or even a minor car accident won’t trigger an SOS alarm.

AllsWell Alert for Smart Notifications to Your Emergency Contacts

Whether you choose a built-in car crash detection feature or use downloadable applications, you should mind their limitations. Android’s car crash monitoring is only available in a few countries, including the USA, UK, Australia & Canada. The same is true for the majority of accident reporting products.

On the contrary, you can rely on AllsWell Alert in case you should request help from emergency contacts while being in any other region. It provides international coverage and ensures multiple levels of safety. Firstly, you can manually set off the alarm with the panic button. Secondly, inactivity tracking algorithms will trigger SOS messages with your current location if your mobile phone stays still for too long.

AllsWell Alert app also stands out with its low-battery consumption as it utilizes background location tracking. So there’s no need to check the battery charge level during travel, and you may entirely focus on the road.

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