15 Best Gifts Ideas for Parents and Seniors

AllsWell Team

First published in March 2018, updated on May 5, 2021

Never be so busy as not to think of others.” ― Mother Teresa



  1. Pay Attention to Usefulness
  2. Think About Personal Preferences
  3. Consider Circumstances of Seniors Living Alone


Everyone in this world needs to feel the love of their close ones. This is especially important for seniors, who mainly live alone. With this, it is extremely important to use every opportunity to cheer them up. Each holiday is a perfect chance to show how much you love your elderly parents. Thus, you should approach the issue of choosing a present with great care. And the AllsWell team is here to reveal the best gifts for seniors!


Pay Attention to Usefulness

The elder generation’s preferences may differ from yours or your friends’. When choosing a present for your senior parent, the main thing to pay attention to is usefulness. Here are several options for a possible present.


Fitness tracker

This gift will become a perfect companion for your parent in all areas of health. It can track heart rate, blood pressure, walked distance, and steps. Moreover, this easy-to-use gadget is very comfortable and waterproof.


Intelligent personal assistant

Any senior will be glad to have Siri or Alexa in their house. It can remind them about meetings or visits to a doctor, tell them the weather, and more. Your parent just needs to ask this device what they want to know to get a prompt reply. Smart scooter for a senior on the go

A bike-lane friendly smart scooter is one of those ideal gifts for your elderly grandparents that will make their eyes pop. Any grandfather/mother would never look so cool as they do when riding this scooter.


Pill organizer

And if your parents are not tech-savvy, we advise you to purchase a pill organizer - a simple solution for your parents to stay independent. Taking medication every day is a routine task for every senior. Sometimes it can be complicated to remember all the specific times for each prescription. For this purpose, individual electronic pill organizers were invented. They have multiple storage options and a time reminder inside.


There are so many advantages of using modern devices like mobile phones for the elderly! And after you’ve adjusted the font size, voice command, and installed the required communication and safety & alert apps like AllsWell, your parents will have no trouble using the phone to make their life more active and exciting.

Gift card to a restaurant

A gift card to a favorite restaurant or even a bar can become a great alternative to material presents because instead of things you give memories. This place can relate to family history or be unique because of celebrities that ate there.


The research proves that those seniors who own pets are happier, more mobile, and are in better physical condition. So why not consider gifting your parent a suitable pet?

Think About Personal Preferences

Also, consider that the gift ideas for your elderly mother are not the same as gifts for your elderly dad. For example, your mother is likely to enjoy getting:


The vacuum of the future

A wireless robot vacuums almost anything in its way. Such an iRobot is a gift from above for women who have wasted a good deal of time cleaning up their houses. Now they can just schedule a cleaning and go for a walk.


Induction cooktop

For every woman, the kitchen has always been “the heart of the house.” With age, our mothers can become rather forgetful, leaving food cooking on the fire. An induction cooktop is fully automated and can be programmed to function for a certain time period.


Grocery list organizer

This smart purchase would relieve your senior mother of visiting the grocery store multiple times to buy items she forgot on her first visit. The smart organizer records all the items to buy, sorts them out, and prints a paper list with all things she wants to buy. At the same time, your father will be happy to receive a:


Tool kit

A tool kit is a must for every house, especially for men who are used to working with their hands and repairing everything on their own. Heed the wishes of your father and get to know what exactly he needs at the moment. It may be a set of modern electric drills or just a new tool kit with the bare essentials.


Fishing rod and tackle

What man doesn’t dream about a fishing rod? Don’t be lazy, and instead spend your time choosing a brand new rod and fishing tackle. We’re sure that instead of an unenthusiastic “thanks,” you’ll get warm hugs and lots of great experiences while fishing.


Massage pillow

Do you want a piece of magic? With a massage pillow, it’s real. It gifts good sleep, relieves any pains in muscles, and makes your father smile. Such pillows are easily portable; thus, your father can put it into his car or just leave it on his favorite chair at home.


Consider Circumstances of Seniors Living Alone

Sometimes, we can’t just give the present we want to due to difficult life circumstances. It helps to consider health issues, distance, etc.


Shopping cart with seat

Remember we mentioned the smart scooter? Well. this variant is something similar but looks less cool. However, this shopping cart has many other benefits. One of them is a built-in seat, which lets a senior rest in any place at any time. Moreover, it has a spacious shopping bag along with big wheels to make the shopping process comfortable and hassle-free.


Bathroom grips

Sometimes, the only thing our elderly parents really need is connected with their physical state. Such an ‘appropriate’ gift can be perceived better and with more gratitude than any other present. One such thing is bathroom grips. They come in handy if your senior parent has lived through injury or has limited mobility in general.


AllsWell Personal Safety and Emergency Alert app

One more thing that can give your senior parent a sense of security even from far away is a mobile phone with useful applications. One of them is the AllsWell app. It provides connection and safety even if your parent lives in another city. This app sends a message to you and other chosen people if your parent doesn’t use their mobile phone for an extended time period.

Download the AllsWell Alert app and try it for free for the first month before you make the final decision:


The AllsWell team encourages everyone to give as many presents as possible. Remember that a gift does not always need to be cute; sometimes it just has to be suitable for the occasion.

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