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Building up a well-laid-out strategy is the best way to bring your personal goal off. The same is true when it comes to mental and physical self-care. You’ll reach the eagerly anticipated result by adopting the fitness routine a well-purposed mental health practices. Wellness and fitness apps can greatly assist you in developing healthier lifestyle and habits. These are your personal organizers and reminders to keep you on the right track. Today’s article will introduce you to the variety of mobile software available to improve overall health and start feeling upbeat and unflustered.

Best emotional and mental wellness apps

The saying is “Mind over matter.” Your mental health apps would give you a firm basis for achieving balance in life. The guided meditations and mindfulness exercise programs in those apps are given in a comprehensible manner. So, it would be easy for beginners to get accustomed to such techniques. Moreover, these apps allow you to track your mood and evaluate particular exercise courses’ efficacy.

Meditation apps

Meditation sessions are proven remedies for anxiety, helping people to reduce physical and emotional strain. Moreover, the study of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course by Jon Kabat-Zinn dated 2020 confirmed meditation practice to be helpful for individuals suffering from chronic pains. Today MBSR sessions are integrated into plenteous online courses and the best wellness apps available for users worldwide.

Here’s the list of most essential features of the meditation app:

  • The set of free guided meditations. To kick off, it would be practical to start your everyday practice with the free narrated courses. Most apps provide one-week or ten-day programs apart from the paid subscription, so you may try out the general relaxation techniques and focus on the perception of your body.

  • The variety of topic training. Paid subscription might introduce you to specific session sequences. Those could be designed for stress alleviation, nurturing creativity, and facilitating pregnancy or sleep. 

  • Alternatives to sit-eyes-closed routine. The best wellness apps can take your sessions beyond sitting on a yoga mat and introduce you to mindfulness exercises you can practice during daily activities. Typically, it could be instructions to channel your thoughts like mindful wakeup, practicing gratitude, etc.

  • Motivators. Those could be the reward badges for meditating a few days in a row or set reminders encouraging you not to leave the sessions. And, of course, the progress tracking helps to verify your commitment.

Mental health and stress release apps

Stressors constantly haunt us in everyday life, but socially engaged adults aged 20 - 45 years account for the most vulnerable group. Therefore, most Gen Y and Gen Z representatives consider mental health apps firstly as stress-coping measures. Indeed, they foster anonymity and convenience, not to mention the affordability compared to offline visits to therapists. However, if a person already has a history of mental health disorder treatment, they should deem the app only as a supplemental tool. In such cases, consulting the therapist on their use is a must. Still, the apps can be an efficient treatment item for:

Depression, Anxiety

Kinds of apps that include CBT strategies that are medically tested and approved. Specialists strongly recommend considering the applications with the live coach and group sessions.

PTSD, Panic Attacks

Users may adhere to in-app belly breathing exercises to reduce stress and withstand panic attacks. Most PTSD coping techniques in mobile apps are based on the best practices developed by Defense Health Agency and other government institutions protocols.  

Eating Disorder

Modern eating disorder apps provide users with helpful social interaction as they are available both for individuals concerned and their coaches. It would be possible for you to log your meals and track emotions to overview treatment progress comprehensively.

Substance Abuse

Inside apps, you can find a map of local support groups and treatment providers nearby and seek support and advice from the online community. What’s more, the best wellness apps of such kind provide helpful relapse prevention features to manage cravings at the very moment they appear.


Dementia treatment and prevention apps focus on exercising and strengthening the cognitive skills of seniors. Additionally, they might incentivize elderly people to interact with caregivers and family members. For that application profiles users by collecting and processing smartphone data. This information is then used to make multimedia reminders and bring back memories.

We suggest you check our past article to learn about extra activities that should help to slow the cognitive decline of your elderly relatives.

Additionally, your mental health apps are immensely helpful for streamlining the medication. Particular prescriptions might be too complex and hard to follow, so take a couple of minutes to set reminders, and you’ll manage to take on meds timely.

Best Physical Health and Wellness Apps

Fitness apps and physical condition trackers help you obtain the proper daily balance between rest and activity. These are fruitful for those who strive for a better quality of life and need a tuneup of their routine.

Workout Trackers

In workout apps, you may find strength training classes, yoga, pilates programs, and a bunch of cardio exercises training programs (treadmill, walk, jogging, cycling) conveniently grouped and classified by intensity. Therefore, it is really convenient to take on a daily workout for beginners and stay purposeful due to a gradual increase in the complexity of training.

Users working out as a part of their physical therapy additionally benefit from tracking heart rate and blood pressure. The health monitoring records can be easily shared with your physiotherapist at no time.

Sleep Trackers

Sleep trackers unobtrusively help you to develop healthy sleep habits. It stems from the smart alarm feature that wakes you up at the lightest sleep phase. Thanks to that, users are less likely to feel fatigued and dizzy as they wake up. 

Apart from that, apps are tracking your sleep to build graphs and interpret them. The statistical analysis may give you additional insights on moderating  your daytime activities to maintain sleep hygiene. In premium versions, you can keep notes on sleep and save heart rate measurements.

Diet Trackers

Weight loss and calorie consumption control aren’t the only purposes for using diet trackers. In-app nutrient calculators are immensely helpful for planning your daily diet and enriching it with healthier meals. To specify the nutritional value and calories of food, users can scan barcodes with the app right before purchase.

Just like fitness trackers, dieting apps will keep you committed to a result. It’s quite easy to set goals whether you pursue weight loss or gain. Additionally, you can correlate your achievements in physical training with the nutrition plan you adhere to by checking your food diary.     

Period Trackers

Tracking the period cycle is fairly convenient for pregnancy planning. That said, it’s also a great insight into your overall reproductive health as it can reveal patterns of hormonal imbalance. It would be easier for you to sync the period calendar with your weekly activities, as you’ll be aware of symptoms during different phases. This would help you to go easy on yourself during troubling timespans.

Personal Safety Trackers

These are various mobile solutions to ensure robust personal safety depending on the lifestyle you follow. We’ve focused on key features of safety apps for single moms and those that would suit late-night strolls before. In general, we recommend you make sure that personal safety apps provide you with:

  • International Coverage

  • Real-time GPS-tracking

  • Easy designation of multiple emergency contacts

  • SOS button to trigger the silent messaging to them

  • The one-touch dial of 911 and other emergency services

  • Has great positive feedback in the app store, especially regarding customer service.

So Many Apps - Which One Should You Pick?

When selecting health and wellness apps for your everyday use, prioritize your goals and keep your regular lifestyle in mind. Let’s suppose you’re a single-living middle-aged woman with grown-up kids wishing to slenderize and stay fit. You can leverage a fitness app with well-laid-out cardio training programs both for outdoor and home workouts. If you prefer to run around rough terrain whenever weather permits, a personal safety tracker is a need to back you up in traumas and other emergencies.

AllWell Alert ensures fail-proof safety monitoring for solo travelers, single parents, elderly people, and young children. Empowered with adjustable device inactivity monitoring, an SOS button, and quick designation of emergency contacts, it is reliable in use. Try a one-month trial of the AllWell safety app right away! Get it to your Android or iOS device without installation charges.

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