Emergency Tracking App Is an Essential Assistant in Dangerous Situations

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We are much more fragile than we think. Unfortunately, you are never protected from burglary, attack, sudden fall, injury, and other unexpected emergencies. Lucky you if there is someone around to help, but what if you are alone?

Based on the recent data, up to 28% of US households are single-person. These people spend most of their time on their own. Therefore, they may be unable to find assistance in dangerous situations. It makes the consequences of emergencies more severe and may even result in fatalities.

So how to secure yourself in emergencies? An emergency alert app is an optimum solution. It's a convenient assistant on your phone that automatically delivers emergency notifications when something bad happens. Learn more about how it works below.

What is an Emergency Tracking App?

An emergency tracking app is a mobile application users install to send automated emergency alerts in risky situations. After installation, the app displays the panic button on the screen of the connected device. The device owner can click it to trigger emergency alerts when something threatens their security or health. These alerts are delivered to all previously selected emergency contacts.

GPS tracking is another critical feature emergency apps support. They use location detection on the mobile device to retrieve the exact coordinates of the user. Thanks to this, emergency contacts receive messages with GPS details when the user activates the alerts. It allows them to locate the person in need and immediately rush for help.

What an emergency tracking app ISN'T

Note that an emergency medical tracking app cannot substitute professional healthcare monitoring. If you or your loved ones have serious health issues and seek remote monitoring, only specialized medical devices are suitable. Emergency apps are designed for personal safety and minor health issues that make users more prone to emergencies.

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Situations When You May Need an Emergency App

How can an emergency tracking app save your life? Well, it has many uses. You can get one for yourself, download the emergency app to the phones of your senior parents, ask kids to use it, and more. Here are some use cases to guide you:

  • A stranger is following you on the street. Let your friends and family know that you may be in danger. With a click of the panic button on your mobile device, you will unnoticeably inform others about stalking. They will call the police or arrive to save you.

  • Someone attempts to enter your house. In this case, you can both call the police directly and send emergency alerts for additional help. Emergency apps are particularly effective if you cannot talk and have minimum time to report the threat.

  • Someone attacks or threatens you. This situation requires immediate action emergency apps allow you to take. If someone threatens you, you only need to tap your phone to ask for help.

  • You are home alone and start to lose consciousness. When you live alone, fainting may be a severe problem. An emergency app on your phone allows you to warn selected contacts that you feel unwell. They will be able to come and visit or at least call you to check if everything is ok.

  • You get lost on a trip. The GPS tracking feature of emergency apps is helpful when you need to report your location (even when you don't know it). Hence, you should download such an app when traveling to a new place, especially if you are a solo traveler.

  • A natural disaster happens. Inform selected contacts where you are and what has happened in force majeure. They can use the same app to exchange their GPS location with you. It will enable you to stay in touch and find each other.

  • Senior parents live alone and you worry about them. Download an emergency tracking app to the phones of your dear ones to receive alerts in dangerous situations. They will let you know about any risks. It frees you from the need to constantly monitor the wellbeing of your senior parents and brings peace of mind.

  • Kids go to school or friends on their own. Get an emergency app for your kids to enhance their safety. Once they click the panic button, you will know their exact location to protect them against an attacker, bully, or other abuse.

These are a few common situations when emergency apps are highly effective. Overall, you can use them whenever you need to alert someone that you are in trouble. It's better to have an emergency app as a precaution than to be left alone in danger. Emergency apps take several MB to install and are very affordable.

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Features to Look For Choosing an Emergency Tracking App

Are you already set to test an emergency app? Before downloading it to your phone, ensure the chosen option supports the necessary functionality. The availability of these features determines the level of protection you get.

#1. The Best Emergency Alert App Must Have a Panic Button

A convenient and easily accessible panic button is essential in any emergency tracking app. This feature enables users to report the problem and activate alerts. Choosing an app, check whether the panic button is available on the blocked screen and instantly triggers messages.

#2. Accurate and Secure GPS Location Tracking

First, GPS coordinates in the alerts must be accurate. They should allow your emergency contacts to understand where you are to provide help within the shortest time. Second, GPS tracking features mustn't expose your personal details. Location details belong to confidential information that often becomes a target for attackers. Therefore, the best app for emergency alerts captures a user's GPS location right before sending notifications instead of tracking it all the time.

#3. Customizable Alerts and Emergency Contacts

Pick an emergency tracking app in which you can choose who to alert and how. It should enable you to configure as many emergency contacts as necessary and tailor the message. Such flexibility helps to adapt the use of the application to any emergency.

#4. Inactivity Monitoring

Sometimes, users cannot click the panic button to inform others they need help in a family tracking app emergency. For example, if they cannot reach the phone or someone has stolen it. In these cases, it's good to have an emergency tracking app that supports inactivity monitoring. This feature records the user's interactions with the phone to detect prolonged inactivity periods. When the person stays inactive for too long, the app initiates emergency alerts. It's an extra means of security in addition to the panic button.

AllsWell Alert as The Best App For Emergency Alerts

AllsWell Alert is a personal safety & emergency alert app for people living, commuting, or traveling alone. It combines the panic button functionality with inactivity monitoring, enabling the app to send your emergency contact an alert with your location even when you cannot press a button.

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