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Instant alerts are the core functionality of most personal safety systems. Unlike inactivity monitoring that takes time to activate alerts, fast help alert systems act immediately. You only need to click the panic button. Once you do, emergency contacts will receive notifications with your GPS location.

Such functionality has many applications. You send fast help life alerts when something threatens your life, like a robbed attack or burglary. You use them to play safe when you travel alone and may get lost. You can also buy a fast help system for your kids or seniors to enable them to request help.

As you can see, fast help emergency alert solutions are a reliable tool for personal safety. Learn how they work and what call-for-help devices you can use below.

What is a Fast Help Emergency Alert System?

A fast help emergency alert system is a portable device that calls emergency services or sends real-time alerts to selected contacts when activated. It usually works as a panic button and has in-built GPS technology. Thanks to GPS tracking, fast help emergency alert systems automatically share the user location. This way, emergency contacts can find the person in need within the shortest time.

Types of Fast Help Alert Systems

With the development of technology, fast help alert systems have evolved. Now, these are not necessarily separate devices you need to install in your home or carry in your hand. Fast help alert solutions may look like handy apps with a panic button. Here are the most common options you are likely to come across:

  • Personal mobile systems. These are portable devices connected to emergency centers. They are waterproof and come fitted with a charging cradle, cable, lanyard, or belt clip. Such devices often allow speaking directly to an emergency dispatcher to explain your problem.

  • Wearables. These are watches, lockets, rings, and other wearables with a panic button. To start using such emergency devices, you will need to pair them with an app installed on your phone. They have GPS location detection to ask for quick help.

  • Non-wearable fast help alert systems. Non-wearable systems are wall-mounted panic buttons that automatically dial emergency services when someone presses them or activates with voice. They are more expensive than other alternatives and require installation.

  • Mobile applications. Apps for iOS and Android devices are the easiest type of fast help emergency alert to get. The user only needs to download an app and complete configurations. After the installation, the smartphone will have a panic button that activates emergency alerts with GPS details. Mobile applications have the richest functionality out of the listed options.

All these solutions are powered with the panic button and GPS tracking. Hence, your choice should depend on the mobility you expect, cost, and ease of use.

How Fast Help Life Alert Solutions Can Save Lives

Even though you can use some fast help alert systems in a health crisis, they are not intended for medical emergencies. Medical monitoring systems have different functionality and capabilities.

Nevertheless, fast help emergency alert solutions can save lives in many other situations when immediate help matters. Activate fast help emergency alert when:

  • Someone follows you on the street. Contact your emergency people to let them know you may be in trouble. Even if you are not sure you need help right now, they will become more vigilant of your security.

  • Someone attempts to enter your house. Click the panic button to call the police and send emergency notifications to selected contacts.

  • Someone attacks you. Inform others you need their help right now.

  • You get lost during travel. Let others know you cannot find your way and share your GPS coordinates to enable them to locate you.

  • You feel unwell and start fainting. When you live alone and have health issues, send an emergency notification to make someone come and check on you.

  • Your senior parents live on their own. Provide your loved ones with a reliable way to ask for assistance whenever they need it.

  • You have teenage kids who commute to school on their own. Make your kid more protected with a mobile safety device or the panic button on their phones.

These are some of the most common threats that may happen. Generally, fast help emergency alerts can save you in any situation when you need to immediately get in touch with someone.

Main Features of Fast Help Alert Systems

Safety alert solutions must have certain features to increase the chances that the user will get the necessary help asap. They ensure the speed of response and allow saviors to understand what has happened.

#1. Panic Button

The panic button is the most critical feature in any emergency system. It's a button users activate to send alerts. When activated, it connects the person with emergency services or sends alerts to selected contacts.

#2. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is available both in personal safety devices and apps. When it’s a call-for-help device, manufacturers embed GPS technology to track the user location. If you have a personal safety app, it accesses the GPS capabilities of your phone. GPS tracking is necessary to cut the time needed to get help. When emergency contacts know the exact location, they immediately rush in the right direction choosing the fastest route.

#3. Customizable Alerts

Customizable alerts allow you to choose what message to deliver in an emergency and how to send it. This way, you can tailor the use of a call-for-help device to many situations. The message when you get lost should differ from the alert when someone tries to break into your house.

#4. Data Encryption and Other Security Features

Your phone number and location data are confidential information. Therefore, you should pick a fast help emergency alert solution that properly protects it. For example, the AllsWell Alert app encrypts information during transit and starts capturing location only five minutes before sending an alert.

Some fast help alert systems also support inactivity monitoring for emergencies when the user cannot click the panic button. It’s an additional precaution measure.

AllsWell for Fast Help Emergency Alerts

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