How Do Personal Safety Apps With a Panic Button Work

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In 2020, there were about 113,500 preventable home-related deaths in the US. While household accidents and fatalities are at a peak, more and more elderly parents live alone. Currently, over 34.7 million adults live on their own.

Fortunately, personal safety apps have proven to be one of man’s greatest safety measures against preventable home-related deaths and other emergencies. With panic button apps, users can instantly ask for help when something threatens their life or health.

Wondering how the panic button apps function? 

Let’s discuss how they work and why you should get one for yourself or your loved ones.

What is a Personal Safety App on Android and iOS?

A personal panic button app is an application you can install on an Android or iOS mobile device to power it with personal safety features. The panic button is the key feature that enables users to send instant alerts to emergency contacts. But personal panic button apps may have many extra capabilities, like GPS notifications, inactivity monitoring, and more.

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Panic Button App: How it Works

Panic button apps are tools that assist you in keeping an eye on your loved ones. While you’re not around, you can rest assured that they can request help if anything happens. You’ll be the first to get notified in an accident or emergency. You can also use such apps for personal safety if you live alone, travel a lot, or want extra security.

Many personal safety apps feature a red panic button, which sends an emergency alert to preset contacts when hit by the user.

That said, let’s take a closer look at how these apps work.

A personal safety app is rarely just an app with a red panic button. It’s a complete app with geolocalization features, alarm functionality, instant messaging, and of course, a panic button.

A few standard features will include:

Panic button

Personal safety apps add the panic button to the connected phone. When tapped by the user, it triggers the alert system. The app immediately sends an emergency alert notification to your emergency contacts via a GSM network. So even without access to the Internet, the person at risk can still get help.

The user chooses who to contact in case of emergency and what message to deliver. It makes panic button apps universal and suitable for anyone, be it a grandma, adult, or kid.

Note that panic button apps usually don’t dial emergencies directly. The main task of the panic button is to notify family members of other entitled people about the danger. Then, they can take the necessary steps to provide help.

Instant messaging

Rapid intervention has always been a lifesaver in emergencies. The use of a GSM network by most panic alert apps is reassuring because your elderly parents do not need an Internet connection to send out an alert. Instant messaging is an essential feature in personal safety apps since it could mean the difference between life and death. 


What’s the point of receiving an alert if it’s impossible to tell exactly where your loved one is at the time of need? Quality panic response apps always have a geolocalisation feature to keep track of the user’s location.

When trouble comes, you’ll receive an alert, and the exact location coordinates of your loved one, so you can intervene promptly.

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Three Reasons to Install a Panic Button Safety App

A panic button app is not just an additional layer of protection but also a life-saving tool that will keep you connected with loved ones from anywhere in the world.

Here are a few more benefits of personal panic buttons for users:

1. Personal panic button can save lives

The leading cause of household deaths are unintentional poisoning and falls. The good news is most of these home deaths are preventable if intervention is immediate.

Hospitals recorded 31.8 million medically consulted home injuries in 2020. When intervention is timely, accidents are less scary.

Panic button apps do save lives because they facilitate timely intervention. You won’t find a loved one laying on the floor by chance; you’ll be there immediately if they need your help. Even if you’re not there, you will call 911 or ask someone to rush for help.

2. Panic button apps go with you everywhere

Before emergency response apps came to life, you had to rely on manual alert devices. That’s one more thing you had to take along with you everywhere, tied to your waste or hung around your neck.

Personal safety apps run any Android or iOS phone, so you can go with them wherever you want.

3. Personal safety apps help combat kidnappings and home attacks

Several stories have gone viral about how personal emergency response apps have saved lives in kidnappings. So for the safety of your kids or elderly loved ones, install and set up a reliable panic button phone app like AllsWell Alert.

These apps have been shown to respond in seconds. When in trouble and in need of immediate assistance, you only have to hit the personal panic button on your device to ask for help.

Who Needs a Panic Button Safety App Most?

We all need panic alert apps for our safety. In essence, the entire community can benefit from panic button women’s safety, men’s safety, child safety, and seniors’ safety. 

  • Our elderly loved ones particularly need these apps. Seniors are the most vulnerable to emergency attacks, falls, and other home accidents.

  • Children need personal safety apps with a panic button when they’re out of school or home alone.

  • Loved ones with special health needs can also benefit from safety apps. 

No one knows when an accident or attack could happen at home, work, or on the streets. However, personal safety apps can intervene right at the moment to help with faster response.

AllsWell Alert App: A Real Life-Saver in Emergencies

Panic button phone apps are great for safety when you can react quickly. But what if you get in an unanticipated accident or medical emergency and cannot activate the personal panic button? That’s where the AllsWell Alert personal safety app makes a huge difference.

The AllsWell Alert app monitors your phone’s inactivity to detect a potential emergency. The app combines the functionality of the red panic button with inactivity monitoring to automatically act when something may be wrong with the user.

Users can set their inactivity time limit depending on personal habits. When you’re inactive past that time limit, the app sends an emergency alert to your emergency contacts so they can check up on you. All alerts AllsWell sends have GPS location to ensure quick help to the user in need.

Want more information? Visit to find out more about our life-saving tool or use the app for free for a month.

Final thoughts

No app can offer a 100% guarantee for the safety of your loved ones. However, personal safety apps do save lives. A good panic button phone app will help you provide timely intervention for your loved one. But, a great personal safety app should have activity monitoring capabilities like the ones available in AllsWell Alert

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