How to Select & Set up Emergency Contacts in Safety Apps?

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Over the last ten years, home and community deaths have increased by 58% in the US alone. About 6000 preventable deaths result from home accidents every year in the UK. Children under the ages of 5 and adults over the age of 65 are the most vulnerable groups.

Personal emergency response systems and monitoring apps can protect them. They enable users to ask for help by sending instant alerts to emergency contacts.

This article is a step-by-step guide on selecting and setting up emergency app monitoring contacts. Follow our advice to choose your contacts right.

How do Personal Emergency Response Systems Work? 

Most personal emergency response systems (PERS) have a panic button. When a friend or relative in distress hits this button on their wearable device or phone, an emergency signal goes to an emergency response center or the listed emergency contacts. 

Here's a brief example of how it works:

An older woman chooses her 25-year-old daughter, Lily, as her emergency contact. Should anything go wrong with her mother's health or personal safety, Lily gets an emergency alert. So, let's assume that the woman is in distress and hits the panic button. The installed personal safety and monitoring app sends an emergency alert to Lily, who then rushes to check up on her mother's house.

The problem with a panic button is that many people in an emergency can't use it. If the older woman doesn't pick up her phone for an abnormally long time, she may be unable to press the panic button. 

That's where app monitoring comes in. Emergency apps can monitor your phone's activity. Long periods of inactivity (except during bedtime) indicate something is wrong. Here, the app automatically alerts alarm contacts of a potential emergency. 

But, if you’re out taking pictures, browsing the Internet, or making a phone call, the app and your emergency contacts know that you’re okay.

What’s an Emergency Contact and Why is it So Important?

An emergency contact is the phone number of the person who gets notified if you’re in trouble. Every personal emergency system allows you to set up an emergency contact list for help in times of an emergency.

If you’re using an app-monitoring system (mobile app with emergency alerts), your emergency contact receives an alert when your phone is inactive for a certain period. AllsWell Alert is one of the apps where you can set up inactivity monitoring in addition to the panic button.

Emergency Contact Management

Emergency contacts are not only your family and friends' phone numbers. You should also include public emergency numbers like 911 in your emergency list. The AllsWell Alert app allows you to add, remove, and modify contacts on your emergency contact list in a few simple steps. 

How to Select and Set Up Personal Safety Monitoring App

There are so many monitoring apps on the market today, and choosing the best requires some serious digging. So, how do you select the perfect app for you and your family? 

How to select an app for monitoring

Consider the health of the future user. If they live with a chronic condition, you should prefer an app with more automated features.

  • Choose an app that can send smart emergency alerts to your contacts without pressing the panic button.

  • Consider some flexibility. If your loved ones are 60 years and above, they may not be on their phones all the time. Find an app that lets you determine the inactivity period and bedtime.

  • GPS tracking is also an important feature. In an emergency, the monitoring app should automatically send the GPS location to the emergency contacts and the first responders.

  • Privacy - An average monitoring app collects sensitive user information. Ensure that the app provider has a privacy policy at the very least.

  • Errors - While safety and monitoring apps help prevent danger or respond faster to distress calls, they’re not always accurate. Inactivity monitoring, for instance, could be mistaken for something else because it is not easy to know for sure what’s going on if the user has not touched or moved their phones for a while. 

The AllsWell Alert app uses the built-in smartphone movement detector to know when it is handled or moved. If the phone stays inactive for a predetermined amount of time, the emergency contacts receive an email and text notification.

Lastly, don’t forget about the pricing. Health and safety monitoring apps should provide value worth the price you pay.

How to set up the AllsWell Alert app

The AllsWell alert app features a simple, user-friendly interface. Here’s how to set up emergency contacts and create an account in the AllsWell Alert app.

Step 1: Create an AllsWell Alert account

Provide the details for setting up the account: name, phone number, and email.


Provide the first emergency contact for your account. 

Now, enter your payment details. AllsWell Alert charges only $9.99 a month, but you can get a one-month free trial.

Agree to the terms and conditions, allow access to location and notifications, and that’s it.

Click “schedule” to set up your wake and bedtimes on your dashboard. Also, add a “maximum inactivity time” depending on your daily activities. Once these are in place, the timer automatically starts as soon as it detects inactivity.

An active phone means all is well.

How to Create an Emergency Contact List

Here’s how to add emergency contacts with the AllsWell Alert app

Step 1:

Login to your AllsWell account using your email and password. Click on “emergency contacts” to manage your contact list on your dashboard.

Step 2: 

Click the “Add a new person” button to add a new emergency contact. Enter the name, phone number, and email of the person who will receive emergency alerts.

Then click the Update button. Repeat the above steps to create a complete emergency contact list in the AllsWell Alert app.

Why Choose AllsWell Alert as the Emergency Alerts App?

AllsWell Alert is a personal safety & emergency alert app for people living, commuting, or traveling alone. It combines the panic button functionality with inactivity monitoring, enabling the app to send your emergency contact an alert with your location even when you cannot press a button.

An average safety monitoring app offering basic features such as activity monitoring, basic GPS tracking, and local coverage is not enough to watch over your friends and family. 

The AllsWell alert app offers something different:

  • AllsWell Alert is the only safety/lifestyle app reviewed & approved by Apple and Android.

  • No installation/initiation or hidden fees.

  • Accurate GPS location tracking to help you locate your loved ones in their time of need

  • AllsWell Alert offers international coverage. Watch over your family and friends wherever they are.

At AllsWell, we believe that everyone deserves the peace of mind, knowing that their family and friends are safe no matter where they are. If you have questions about personal safety and monitoring, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the AllsWell team today!

Final Thoughts

Emergency response systems do save lives. That’s why they’re so crucial for the safety of your loved ones. One of such life-saving systems is the AllsWell Alert app, a system that sends emergency alerts to selected emergency contacts without clicking a panic button.

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