Inactivity Tracker in Senior Safety Apps Signals Danger Automatically

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Keeping your loved ones safe, especially senior family members, is probably one of your top priorities.

Falls are a serious threat to the health and well-being of elderly citizens. One in four people aged 65 and older falls each year in the United States. Falls cause over 95% of hip fractures, the incident that requires quick help.

Luckily, there are many simple ways to keep an eye on the seniors in your family. One of these ways is by investing in a senior alert system or senior safety app that can track inactivity.

This article highlights how an inactivity tracker works and how you can use it to keep your loved ones safe when you are not around. Keep reading to learn more.

Safety Apps For Seniors With an Inactivity Tracker: How It Works

If a loved one lives alone, or you're a senior yourself, and you're concerned about your health, an inactivity tracker in a senior safety app like AllsWell Alert is a solution. Such a tracker works as a part of a smartphone app that automatically tracks interactions with a mobile phone. When the user stays inactive for too long, it may signify that something has happened. For example, the person has fainted or feels unwell and, for this reason, doesn't touch their phone.

How does it work?

First of all, you will need to download the app on your phone. Next, you will need to set it up so it can track your periods of inactivity and send an alert to your emergency contact if you are inactive beyond the time set limit. Of course, you can cancel the notification at any time or call the contacts in your list to let them know you are okay if everything is fine. 

The AllsWell Alert app comes preset with wake and bed time and a default inactivity period to make things easy for you to configure. All you need to do is edit these settings to your preference in the dashboard. 

The app will determine that you are fine as long as you use the phone (e.g., when taking pictures, chatting, surfing the web, or simply handling your device). It's a very convenient tracking method since modern users rarely leave their phones untouched for a long time.

Since inactivity trackers don't capture the user's location 24/7 or monitor their movements, they are unobtrusive. The person can enjoy their life to get help only when something bad happens.

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In What Situation Safety Apps For Seniors Can Be Helpful 

A senior safety app is helpful for a large target audience of elderly users. There were over 54 million Americans over 65 years old as of 2019. Experts predict this number will hit 83.7 million by 2050 as baby boomers start reaching the 60s and 70s. 

The demand for safety apps is high, especially since many seniors live alone and experience various health problems like heart disease, diabetes, dementia, depression, and other chronic illnesses that may lead to falls or other emergencies. But which exact situations require the use of this app?

Seniors Living Alone

As we get older, being able to live independently is something many of us want. Yet with that freedom comes the responsibility to stay safe. If you're a senior who lives alone or has a parent or loved one in this situation, consider getting them a safety alert system for seniors.

These apps can help your loved one live safely and feel secure. They also allow you to be aware of their activity status. Apart from that, most apps support the panic button the user can click to alert emergency content. This feature is an excellent addition to inactivity monitoring capabilities.

Emergency Situations

A senior safety app will surely come in handy when the senior is alone at home and needs assistance during an emergency. The typical medical alert system with a GPS tracking feature will help to get the GPS location of your loved ones and send immediate alerts. If your family members are outside and fall sick, you can send an ambulance to their location.

The inactivity tracker can also detect if the individual has not touched their phone for a while to let registered family members know about it. The family members will get all these alerts on their mobile devices and can take the necessary steps to help as soon as possible.

Location tracking

The emergency alerts sent by an app with an inactivity tracker may include the GPS location of the user. The application detects the GPS coordinates right before sending an emergency notification. It is extremely helpful, especially if the senior has dementia or Alzheimer's disease and may forget where they are.

With the accurate location, emergency contacts can quickly find the person that needs help. It makes them more likely to arrive in time and provide quality assistance.

AllsWell Alert App For Inactivity Tracking and More

When you're caring for an aging parent or grandparent, it's crucial to find ways to give them independence and let them keep as much of their quality of life as possible. However, sometimes a little help can go a long way.

That's where the AllsWell Alert comes in. It's an app that gives seniors more independence while keeping them safe. The app works on Android phones and iPhones and installs quickly and easily without any extra hardware. It is considered one of the best safety apps for seniors today.

What's more?

The app provides various benefits to keep your older family members safe and secure, whether they're at home or outside.

It has a unique inactivity monitoring feature other apps don't support. AllsWell Alert relies on the users' phone's movement sensor to determine if the phone is moved or being used. 

Once the phone is idle beyond the time programmed in the app as the user's inactive time, AllsWell Alert will assume something is wrong. The app will determine their current location and quickly send an alert and geo-map to emergency contacts via email or text message. 

This feature is useful when a senior needs help but can't press the panic button. For example, if they suffer from a stroke or have cognitive impairments like dementia.

Hence, if you need a senior safety app for iPhone or a senior safety app for Android that has all the features to keep your aged relative safe and happy, the AllsWell Alert is the perfect safety app. 

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Final Thoughts

It is a human instinct to worry about our loved ones when they are not with us.

When our children are away from us, we often wonder how they are doing. The same goes for the elderly, that require constant attention and care.

We can't be by their side all the time, but technologies like safety apps for seniors and inactivity trackers are helping us keep an eye on them. The right tracker can let you know when your loved one is in danger so that you can take active steps to send them help as quickly as possible.

Learn more about how apps like AllsWell Alert work here.

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