Remote Monitoring as a Way to Protect Your Senior Loved Ones

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Looking after your loved ones is demanding. You have so much to do and so little time to do it all. A nursing home is not usually an option since 90% of seniors would rather stay in their homes. They want to be in the same environment they spent their lives in.

The good news is that your elderly loved ones don't have to move into a home for the elderly. With a remote monitoring system, you can keep tabs on them, and rest assured that they're doing well in your absence. 

This article delves deeper into remote monitoring and how to watch over your loved ones with the life alert mobile app like AllsWell.

How Does Remote Monitoring Work?

In a nutshell, remote monitoring for seniors involves the use of gadgets or apps to check their well-being and stay informed about their safety. Seniors tend to be less agile, more forgetful, and prone to accidents as they get older.

There are several types of remote monitoring systems with varying functionality:

  • Medical remote monitoring system. A remote monitoring system is a gadget or software program that allows remote users to monitor and analyze the patient's health data. Health and remote monitoring systems are popular in hospitals, nursing homes, and other in-home care settings.

Professionals can also use a remote monitoring system to analyze data from multiple sources and combine it with other information for more in-depth insights into the health status of your elderly loved ones.

  • GPS tracking devices. You can purchase these wearable devices for your family members to know their location when you are not around. They collect location data to show you where the user is. Yet don't forget to inform your loved ones that you're going to monitor their movements since they have the right to privacy.

  • Apps with remote location tracking. Applications are the most innovative way to keep an eye on seniors. Unlike medical remote monitoring systems intended for professionals, personal safety apps are suitable for regular use. You only need to install an app on the phone of the necessary person to be able to track their location. The best thing about app-based remote monitoring systems is that they are unobtrusive. It means you won't see every move of the user. Instead, they provide you with location data only in life-threatening situations like when the user clicks the panic button.

Besides location tracking, such apps also support inactivity monitoring, automated alerts, and other features that save lives.

How To Protect Your Loved Ones From Unpredictable Emergencies

Most people are prone to a momentary lapse in judgment, especially when facing an emergency. The stress of being rushed to the hospital, the fear of not being able to take care of your loved ones, and the uncertainty of what will happen afterward can all cause a person to make even more mistakes. They can lead to a chain of events where the result is unpredictable. 

But with the correct planning and precautions, including remote monitoring, you can make sure that many of these incidents never happen. Let's see how:

Get a Life Alert Mobile App for Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring systems watch over your loved ones whenever you're not around. But, if wristbands and wearable monitoring systems don't cut it, you can always get the AllsWell life alert phone app, which offers pretty much the same features packed inside a phone app and more.

24/7 inactivity tracking is one of its top remote monitoring features. If AllsWell detects user inactivity for the predetermined length of time, it automatically sends alerts to emergency contacts with the real-time location of the elderly in distress.

Get Medical Insurance

If you do not have medical insurance, it is good to get one. It's particularly critical in countries like the US, where healthcare services may cost a fortune when the patient is uninsured or the coverage is insufficient. If you cannot take care of your loved ones for some reason, the money they will receive from an insurance company will make up for the emergency.

Buy a Fire Extinguisher and Learn to Use It

A fire extinguisher will allow you to put out small fires or prevent them from spreading. If you do not have one already, buy it and get it installed by a professional in a convenient location. It would help if you installed a fire extinguisher in the kitchen (to battle kitchen fires). It is also a good idea to keep one in each bedroom.

Plan How to Act In Emergencies

One of the most important things you can do to protect your loved ones from runaway emergencies is to keep them safe in your place. This means having a solid plan for getting them out of an emergency. You should also make sure you and your loved ones can communicate effectively in any dangerous situation.

Why Use Apps With Remote Monitoring for Personal Safety

Life alert apps can help seniors remain independent and potentially avoid a retirement home by getting a fast response in a medical emergency. 

Here's a more detailed overview of how life alert phone apps can protect seniors:

Medical Emergencies

Life alert apps provide 24-hour monitoring and immediate response features. The remote monitoring functionality goes with the panic button users can click to activate emergency alerts. Once activated, these alerts go to selected contacts to inform them about a medical or another emergency. Then, the recipients can rush for help or call emergency services for medical assistance.

Shower Emergencies

1 in 3 adults over 65 will have at least one fall a year, says the NHS. While the elderly are always at risk of falling, the bathroom is probably the riskiest place because of the wet, slippery tiles. When the person falls, the main problem is they may be unable to reach the panic button. That's when life alert phone apps can be life-saving.

Life alert apps like AllsWell Alert allow seniors to ask for help both when they can reach the panic button and cannot. AllsWell Alert combines panic button alerts with inactivity monitoring for emergencies like falls. When the person doesn't use the phone for a long time, the app views it as an increased emergency risk and automatically informs selected contacts.

Personal Protection

Even though life alert mobile apps with remote monitoring are designed for seniors, adults can also use them. If you live alone, solo travel, or want more personal safety for any other reason, install such an app on your phone and pick emergency contacts. These people won't track your location all the time. They will get messages with your GPS coordinates only when emergency alerts are activated.

More Independent Lives for Seniors

Your elderly loved ones would probably still want to keep living their best lives, go camping, or go on a road trip. How do you keep track of them without invading their privacy? Install them a life alert app. This way, you won't have to call them all the time or worry about their well-being. You will be sure that the app will send you emergency alerts the moment your loved ones feel threatened.

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