What Is a Personal Emergency & Safety Alert App and Six Reasons to Get One

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  1. What Is a Personal Emergency or a Personal Safety Alert App?
  2. Six Reasons to Get a Personal Emergency Alert App for Yourself or Your Loved Ones
  3. How AllsWell Personal Safety & Emergency Alert App Simplifies Living Alone, Caregiving, and Brings Security


As the number of single-person households in the US increases, reaching 36.2 million, many people travel, commute to work, and live alone. This makes them more vulnerable to an attack or health emergency.

In addition, by 2040, the number of senior Americans will reach 80 million compared to 54 million in 2020. Many of them live on their own. Since the elderly population is at an increased risk of health failure, someone has to provide them with home care. As a result, one in five Americans who are caregivers regularly rush to their parents to make sure everything is okay. Unfortunately, sometimes they arrive too late. Other times, alerts are false.

Modern technology is the way to solve the problem of personal security and safety. Through personal safety alarms and apps, people who need or want to monitor their safety get a chance to do so. These solutions can save lives in life-threatening situations, relieve caregivers’ or relatives’ stress, and bring many other benefits.

To learn more about personal emergency alert apps and their capabilities, read the insights and stats we`ve collected.

What Is a Personal Emergency or a Personal Safety Alert App?

Although the functionality of apps varies, personal emergency alert apps are united with a single characteristic. These are applications that enable people to inform others they are in danger in real-time. Usually, the user will press a panic or the personal safety alarms button to dial the selected emergency contacts directly. However, what about the cases when the person is unable to press the button?

There’s a more complex functionality of inactivity monitoring for such situations, and the notifications will be delivered automatically in case of prolonged inactivity. 

In practice, personal emergency alert apps may look like anything from a Red Cross walkie-talkie for disaster volunteers to a home security solution. Yet in most cases, these are smartphone applications for seniors or people living on their own simplifying caregiving or personal security solutions used daily.

Six Reasons to Get a Personal Emergency Alert App for Yourself or Your Loved Ones

If you want to be sure your family members living alone are safe, personal emergency alert apps are a great option. They will send you alerts when someone remains inactive for too long or presses a personal safety alarms button. You may also use personal emergency alert apps to protect yourself. Since an increasing number of people are starting to live alone, it’s important to have a tool that helps the family unobtrusively check their well-being.

Here are some other valuable benefits of personal emergency alert apps you should note:

Reason #1. Personal Safety & Emergency Alert Apps Can Save Lives

Imagine your mother doesn’t respond to your messages for a few days. If it turns out that`s a medical emergency like a heart attack, it may be too late to provide the necessary help. If she has a personal emergency alert app, this situation would never happen. Your mom would have the option to send you an alert in a single click as soon as she feels unwell. And the worst-case scenario, you’ll receive an automated notification from a personal emergency and safety alert app like AllsWell Alert if your loved one remains inactive for a specific, preset period.

Therefore, timely help is the first reason to get a personal emergency and safety alert app, regardless of whether a person has health issues or is worried about staying alone or encountering a life-threatening event (e.g., burglary). After receiving an alert, a family member will come to help or call the emergency.

Reason #2. Personal Safety & Emergency Alert Apps Grant Security

Personal emergency alert apps can be helpful for more vulnerable groups of people, i.e., people commuting late after work and worried about their security. If you come back home late, live in a dangerous area, or just want to protect yourself, consider such applications. Just like personal safety alarms, they will enable you to ask for help with a single click. This way, you can report the threat of abuse in a split second and retain your and your loved ones’ peace of mind. A smartphone with good battery life and a PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) app installed is an excellent addition to pepper spray.

Reason #3. Personal Safety & Emergency Alert Apps Are Cost-Effective

Some software vendors already offer AI-powered monitoring home systems for seniors and patients with dementia. Yet, the devices with sensors that detect movements and unusual behavior are too pricey for most people. Hence, if your family members don’t require close monitoring, you may opt for cheaper personal emergency alert apps. For example, AllsWell Alert provides 24/7 inactivity monitoring for just ¢10/day, meaning the application installed on a mobile device will track whether the device owner uses or handles it in any way. As an average person touches their smartphone 2,617 times per day, this is a great way to check if they’re staying active. In addition, since 42% of seniors have already adopted smartphones, mobile applications may become a cost-efficient solution for many caregivers.

If you want a personal emergency alert app for your safety, the monthly fee is also very affordable. In addition, you will feel more secure knowing your emergency contact will get an alert in the most life-threatening situation--if you’re, for some reason, unable to give a call or press a button.

Reason #4. Personal Safety & Emergency Alert Apps Are Unobtrusive and Convenient to Use

Such mobile applications are a discreet way to make sure your family members are okay. You don’t need to call them every hour or force them to send you messages. The personal emergency and safety alert app with inbuilt inactivity monitoring like AllsWell Alert does the unobtrusive ‘all’s well’ checking for you. It’s very convenient and secure, as the app only tracks whether the device was handled--and does not track what it was used for.

Moreover, the installation of mobile applications is more straightforward than the use of embedded personal emergency response systems at home. It takes several minutes to download an app and complete the settings to use customer service. No hidden expenses or time losses. Besides, the interface of personal emergency and safety alert apps is usually very intuitive. It matches the needs of seniors and allows quickly taking action in unexpected situations.

Reason #5. Personal Safety & Emergency Alert Apps Can Be Helpful During Solo Travels

Have you ever been stressed out because of going to another country all by yourself? The mind has probably pictured the situations when you get lost, or someone steals all your money. Well, a personal emergency alert app would enable you to come out clean or with minimum losses. It allows calling to the selected contact and providing accurate GPS coordinates. Your emergency person will instantly learn that you need help and where you are.

Reason #6. Personal Safety & Emergency Alert Apps Reduce Caregiver Stress

Realizing that your elderly mother or father is alone in their home and anything can happen may be overwhelming, especially if they are in bad health. This creates a lot of stress for their children and other caregivers. Financial and time strain additionally overburdens them. As a result, 45% of people caring for a parent report an increased level of stress.

A personal safety & emergency alert app is an effective option for finding peace of mind and giving both seniors and their family members better control over the situation. That’s not even mentioning that a caregiver or a relative might not be able to check on their ward every hour of every day, while the technology does not tire out or miss a check.

How AllsWell Personal Safety & Emergency Alert App Simplifies Living Alone, Caregiving, and Brings Security

AllsWell Alert is a personal safety & emergency alert app for people living, commuting, or traveling alone. It combines the panic button functionality with inactivity monitoring, enabling the app to send your emergency contact an alert with your location even when you’re unable to press a panic or a call button. It’s also a reliable solution to stay in touch with elderly parents and automatically get alerts from them in case anything goes wrong.

Unlike other personal safety alarms solutions available in the market, AllsWell Alert provides constant inactivity monitoring and sends automated alerts without having to press a button. It’s crucial in the cases when a person that needs help cannot take action. The system works 24/7 and has a location tracking function to help find the user in need of help. 

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