Personal GPS Trackers for Adults: Types, Pros & Cons, and When to Use

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Apart from the automotive, transportation, and healthcare industries, GPS detector apps are popular for personal use. People buy them to notify emergency contacts about their location in risky situations. GPS for adulthood is also helpful to monitor seniors with dementia and other health issues. Kids and teenagers are another group that uses GPS tracker detector apps.

As you can see, there are many cases when a GPS device to track a person can help. Would you like to know if you need one?

This article explains the pros and cons of personal safety GPS tracking devices and when to use them.

What Is a Personal GPS Tracker for Adults?

A personal tracking system for adults is a device or application with GPS tracking. It detects the user’s location in real-time to share it with emergency contacts. Personal GPS trackers for adults are essential in life-threatening situations when the user needs to quickly ask for help. For example, a portable GPS tracker for a person can come in handy if a solo traveler gets lost. A personal tracking system is also useful if you live alone and worry about your safety.

Note that it’s illegal to track the person without their consent. So even if you purchase activity monitors with GPS tracking for seniors, you need to get their approval. Data security is another critical issue to consider. Location data belongs to confidential information and must be protected. Therefore, it’s better to use personal tracking systems with advanced settings that enable you to choose when to capture location data.

Additional features of a GPS tracker for adults

Advanced GPS tracking solutions can do more than capture the location. They support additional features for personal security. So if you want an extra secure personal GPS tracker, choose a solution with:

  • Panic button. The panic button is what it sounds like. It allows you to alert emergency contacts when you are in trouble with a notification or automated call.

  • Inactivity monitoring. Inactivity monitoring is effective when the user cannot click the panic button to send an alert with a GPS location. They may faint, fall, or lose their phone, for example. Then, the device or smartphone will automatically send a warning notification to selected contacts after the specified period of inactivity.

Types of Personal Safety GPS Tracking Devices by User

Choosing an emergency GPS locator app or device, consider who will use it. Teenagers, adults, and seniors need different features and types of location tracking.

Personal GPS tracker for adults

Safety in emergencies is the primary purpose of a human tracking device for adults. Therefore, the panic button with GPS tracking is an essential feature. Lone travelers, lone workers, or people who live alone should be able to notify someone when they need help. Adults usually prefer GPS detectors that don’t monitor their location all the time. Ideally, personal GPS trackers for adults should activate tracking only before they send alerts.

Personal GPS tracker for seniors

Seniors may need both constant and pre-alert GPS monitoring depending on their condition. If it’s dementia, 24/7 monitoring is preferable. If the user is unlikely to get lost or leave home, it’s better to use devices that don’t capture location all the time. For seniors, the inactivity monitoring feature and the panic button are crucial.

Personal GPS tracker for kids and teens

Parents can buy personal GPs trackers to know what is happening with their children. In this case, continuous location monitoring and the panic button are recommended. It allows adults to check where their kids are, while children can request help in critical situations. 

Pros and Cons of a GPS Tracker for Adults

Activity monitors with GPS tracking won’t protect you from all possible disasters. Hence, you should understand their strengths and weaknesses to use them correctly.

Pros of personal location tracking devices

  • Additional personal security. Personal GPS tracking devices share your location with emergency contacts when you need help. It allows finding you asap.

  • Multiple uses. GPS tracking is effective for all age groups. It can secure seniors, patients, teens, and adults living, working, or traveling alone.

  • Ease of use. GPS tracking devices, GPS alarm iPhone, personal GPS tracker apps are convenient. Whereas physical devices are small and handy, apps have superb usability.

  • Affordable cost. Safety GPS trackers cost around $20 on average. If you choose to download an app to your phone, the price will be even lower.

Cons of personal GPS tracking devices

  • Limited capabilities. Safety GPS trackers without the panic button and inactivity monitoring are not personal protection devices. They only record the location of the user. Hence, it’s better to buy safety or medical alert GPS trackers with advanced security features.

  • Cannot guarantee immediate help. GPS detector apps and devices enable users to alert emergency contacts, but getting actual help depends on their response.

Based on the listed advantages and disadvantages, you can decide whether you need a human tracking device. Learn more about the most common uses in the next section.

5 Cases when Adults Need an Emergency GPS Locator App or Device

As a rule, GPS tracking devices are used to increase personal security through location sharing. Below, we describe the most common situations when adults need a personal GPS tracker.

#1. You live, travel, or work alone

If you spend a lot of time on your own, risky situations become even riskier. No one is around to help if you fall, feel unwell, get lost, or are kidnapped. Personal GPS trackers allow you to alert friends or family that something has happened and send them the location. This way, they can find you within the shortest time.

#2. You want an additional security measure

Even if you live with a big family and always have someone around, personal GPS trackers may be helpful. It’s an additional way to increase your personal security when you leave home.

#3. You have chronic health issues

Adults with chronic health issues end up in life-threatening situations more often. If you belong to this group, a GPS tracker can give you a reliable way to contact someone in emergencies.

#4. You provide care to seniors

Personal safety GPS tracking devices allow caregivers to know their loved ones or patients are okay. They can check the location of the person and receive alerts when the device user activates the panic button.

#5. You have kids and worry about their wellbeing

Emergency GPS locator apps can bring peace of mind to parents. Adults track children on their way to school to be sure they have reached their destination. GPS tracking apps with emergency alerts also enable children to notify adults when they face any threat.

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