Personal GPS Tracking Devices: How to Protect Your Loved Ones

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Do you worry about the safety of your loved ones? We all do, especially for our kids and elderly parents. We'd always want to know where they are and whether they're safe. It's normal until it becomes too draining. The constant worrying takes away their and our freedom. 

That is why the use of personal GPS tracking devices has seen a rapid spike in recent years. These tracking devices are perhaps our only tickets to freedom and peace of mind.

A real-time personal GPS tracker provides you with updated, detailed information on the current location of your loved ones. You can track their movements, especially when they're out. You'll know where they are and what they could be doing.

Why do I need a Personal GPS tracker?

If a grandma has gone somewhere in the afternoon and been inactive for a while, you'll know exactly where to find her. Or, if your kids haven't returned from school, a GPS tracker can help you find them easily.

With this level of assurance, you can focus on work or anything else, knowing that your loved ones are safe wherever they are. 

But, there are so many different kinds of Personal GPS trackers on the market. Buying the right one isn't going to be easy. So how do you make the best choice? 

How to choose a suitable tracking device for personal use

Here are a few tips to help you choose a suitable tracking device for your loved ones.

  1. Go for real-time trackers

You're likely to find two major types of GPS trackers on the market: passive and real-time trackers. In short, real-time trackers provide you with almost instant information on whatever or whoever you're tracking.

So when you go shopping for personal location devices, aim for real-time trackers.

  1. Size Matters

This is one of the areas where size matters. You want a device that your loved ones can carry around wherever they go, even into the bathroom. For this reason, smaller, portable trackers are favorites.

At the same time, you want to avoid a situation where the tracker gets lost. Let's say you're confident that your kid or parent is at the doctor's, whereas they had left a while ago, only leaving their tracking device behind.

App tracker or device tracker: which is best?

This is an important question: Should you go for standalone, dedicated trackers or opt for specialized apps with GPS localization features?

As we've seen, these tracking devices for people can easily get left behind, especially when they're small. But when they're gigantic, no one wants to carry them around. Hence, it's better to install a good GPS tracking app on the phones of your loved ones. It's the safest way to go because people always watch their phones.

An app like AllsWell Alert provides very accurate GPS location tracking. The app monitors the users' inactivity and has a panic button. When a user's mobile phone is inactive for a predefined period, their emergency contact receives an alert with the user's current location.

  1. Choose online tracking

The most reliable tracking devices for people offer secure tracking over the Internet. Avoid downloadable software because it constantly needs updates. And when something goes wrong with the setup, that becomes a problem.

Yet the problem with tracking over the Internet is security. You want to track the activities of your loved ones but without exposing their location data on the Internet.

One of such security-savvy apps is AllsWell Alert. This tool captures GPS data only before sending emergency alerts.

  1. Price versus Functionality 

The truth is, you pay for what you get. The best location tracking devices or apps are subscription-based. Don't fall for click-bait copy, selling free tracking tools. The higher the price, the better the features and functionality.

Location trackers can offer a lot beyond simply sending you location updates. Many features can help with the safety of your loved ones.

Your priorities should be:

  • Notification and alert features

  • Regular automatic updates

  • Live/Instant tracking

  • Updated Google mapping

These are some of the basic features to look for. But there's a lot more to get from these devices or apps, depending on your needs. So start by evaluating what you'll really need the device for, and then pick the tool that offers that, regardless of the pricing.

The safety of your loved ones has no price.

  1. Ease of use and setup

Some GPS tracking devices for people are challenging to set up. You'd want to avoid that because location tracking is sensitive. When you're having trouble configuring your tool, you won't be able to rely on the data you'll get.

And in case your elderly loved ones need to complete some actions with the device, it better be as easy as possible. Say, you might need your loved ones to turn the device ON or off or perform some other small operations.

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Personal Location Device Privacy vs. Tracking Concerns

Despite the immense help that personal safety GPS tracking devices offer, experts are still concerned about hackers using the apps to track people's movements. These devices or apps can put your privacy at risk. 

Another critical concern is the data a personal GPS tracker with a panic button collects. These devices use GPS and Bluetooth features to tell the places we visit. Providers can utilize this data to their ends without your consent.

Hence, until you can verify what happens to your data, you should not use a particular tracking service.

5 Ways Personal GPS Tracking Devices Can Save Your Life 

Personal safety GPS tracking devices do save lives. We've heard amazing stories over the news of how these devices helped keep families together. 

One of such stories is that of the 11-year-old boy who found himself alone in an 11-acre forest. Miraculously, his parents had equipped him with a personal tracking device. They used the tracking system to locate their child with the help of the farm's caretaker.

Here are five ways a personal location device can save people:

  1. Camping. People love to go camping in the name of adventures. You never know what could happen in the woods. Having your tracker will ensure that your friends can find you even in the dark if you go missing.

  2. Kidnap. No one ever knows when they could be a kidnapping victim. We don't wish for that, but it's better to be cautious. A personal tracking device can help your loved ones find you if you're ever kidnapped.

  3. Field trips. Field trips may be part of your yearly activities if you're a student or researcher. Often, these trips take you to places you've never been. A personal tracker app can help your travel mates easily find you if something goes wrong.

  4. Emergency alerts. A personal tracking device can save your life during emergency health risks like panic attacks. Personal location tracking devices notify loved ones of a problem when such situations occur. And in case this happens away from home, it's easier to find you and get you to safety. 

Inactivity Monitoring Apps like AllsWell Alert can send emergency alerts to your contacts without intervention.

  1. Accidents. Car and home accidents are amongst the leading causes of death in the US. Person tracker apps can help your loved ones intervene in time when you face an accident.

Why Choose AllsWell Alert For the Safety of Your Loved Ones?

It is essential to know the whereabouts of your loved ones when you're not around. But when something really goes wrong, how can you tell? It's almost impossible to deal with emergencies when you only rely on a GPS  tracker.

With the AllsWell Alert app, both GPS location and emergency situations are taken care of. AllsWell powers GPS location tracking with emergency alerts, to provide safety for your loved ones. It is a personal safety & emergency alert app for people living, commuting, or traveling alone. It combines the panic button functionality with inactivity monitoring, enabling the app to send your emergency contact an alert with your location even when you cannot press a button.

GPS tracking only starts during the pre-alert stage. That's a security guarantee, as your location is well protected from everyone else. Visit to learn more.

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