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The importance of personal safety is no new topic. A 2021 survey showed that over 60% of adults feel less safe when walking alone after dark. One in six American women has survived an attempted or completed rape. For years, people continue to fall victim to street crimes and assaults despite preventive measures.

When it comes to emergencies and accidents, things aren't different either. According to Statista, unintentional injuries or accidents accounted for 200,000+ deaths in the US in 2020. This added up to a global record of 3.16 million based on the WHO's data.

Such personal health and safety threats have brought the need for safe alarm systems. This article will talk about the various personal protection devices, apps, and products to explain what they can do for you.

Personal Safety Devices: Meaning and Examples

Personal safety devices are handheld electronic or manual devices that activate alarm signals whenever the owner is in danger or respond in some way to a safety threat. Alarm signals from personal safety devices could come in various forms. Some are triggered manually, and others function automatically.

For instance, yours can: 

  • Emit high-pitched sounds that scare off the perpetrator

  • Send distress signals to security agencies automatically

  • Alert close friends or relatives

Personal safety devices intervene in times of trouble. They may save a life, or better yet, prevent an attacker from causing harm. 

Here are a few examples of personal safety devices and products you should know.

  • Pepper spray

  • Personal alarm devices

  • Stun gun

  • Personal safety app

There are many kinds of safety devices you shouldn't walk without if you're genuinely concerned about your safety. Whether you're traveling or walking through an unfamiliar environment, there is no doubt that personal protection devices will make you feel safer and more comfortable.

Discover 6 Personal Safety Devices and Apps For Adults in Emergency 

How Personal Safety Alert Devices, Apps, and Products Work

There're tons of options when it comes to picking safety devices. But first, before you make your choice, let's see how useful each of them can be. 

Personal Alarm Devices

Perhaps, not everyone is okay using pepper spray for self-defense. The good thing is that there are other equally effective options for personal safety, like a personal alarm device.

A safe personal alarm is a device specially designed to scare off potential attackers and attract the attention of nearby people. These are small handheld devices that produce loud, ear-piercing sounds when triggered. 

They're convenient to carry. For instance, you can hide your safe personal alarm inside your purse, your kid's backpack, carry it on your keyring, or some other convenient place.

To trigger your safe personal alarm, activate the trigger mechanism (e.g., push the panic button).

Unlike pepper spray, a personal alarm device can be used by all age groups and people with disabilities.

You can buy a safe alarm system for as little as $7-27. 

But remember, there are some downsides to a personal alarm device. It often runs out of power, or the attacker can forcefully take it away.

Personal Safety App

Do you own a pepper spray, a personal safety alarm, a stun gun but still need another layer of protection? 

You can put some personal safety apps to the test.

A personal safety app is a mobile application that monitors personal safety. These apps have diverse triggering mechanisms for emergencies. The most common tactic would be to tap the panic button or shake the phone. In response, it sends out an emergency alert to the safety contacts. These alerts have your GPS location with exact coordinates to enable responders to provide help as soon as possible.

Personal safety apps and panic buttons are as convenient as your smartphones. Some are free, while others come with paid subscriptions.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a symbol of personal safety products. Yet, is pepper spray still worth carrying?

Of course, yes. Pepper spray is a self-defense tool anyone can carry for their safety. It's non-lethal, portable, and causes a burning sensation and short-time blindness, which last long enough to escape from the attacker.

Unfortunately, pepper spray is not the perfect solution. For instance, it only irritates the attacker's eyes, nose, and mouth when used directly. If they're wearing a mask or sunglasses, pepper spray won't work.

Stun Gun

A stun gun is a police favorite. But recently, manufacturers have modeled stun guns to allow you to carry one in the pocket for personal safety. 

A stun gun is a self-defense device that releases an electric current, powerful enough to knock out an attacker without harming them. The resulting electrical shock temporarily makes the perpetrator motionless.

Stun guns are more effective than pepper sprays. However, don't use it without checking the laws in your area.

Why Should You Use a Personal Alarm?

As mentioned earlier, a personal alarm system can save the user during an attack. Below are some reasons you should consider carrying a personal alarm system.

  1. Getting Help Fast

The top benefit of having a safety alarm system is getting help quickly. Modern personal alarms have two parts: the base unit and the pendant. The base unit is plugged into the main power supply while the user wears the pendant as a necklace or wristwatch. So, in times of emergency, users can swiftly press the button on their pendant, which will alert the response center.

Or, let's consider the innovative personal safety apps like AllsWell that include the personal alert safety system. This feature sends instant alerts when the user clicks the panic button. It can also notify emergency contacts automatically when the person remains inactive for too long, which may signify they're in trouble.

  1. When Living Alone

Having a safe personal alarm installed in your home scares off potential threats, burglars, and intruders from getting into your home. This eliminates the need to live in fear in a nursing home or care facility for the elderly. They can live alone, while you know they are safe.

  1. For a Comfortable Recovery

Installing a safety alarm system in your home or a personal safety app improves your stay at home during your recovery. You can rest assured that your emergency contacts and first responders will receive an alert if something goes wrong.

  1. When Living with a Condition

A safe personal alarm is also helpful for people living with conditions such as dementia. Modern personal alarm systems have GPS location tracking, which can help locate the user if they get lost.

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