Personal Safety Devices: a Perfect Fit for Family of All Ages

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We have become more mobile and less connected with our families. People spend a lot of time on their own. That’s why when something happens, no one is around. It’s a risky situation regardless of your age group. If you fall, someone attacks you, or enters your house, a quick way to ask for help can be life-saving.

Safe personal alarm devices enable you to do that. With a click of a button, you can send automated alerts to your emergency contacts. They will learn that you are in trouble and rush for help. Additional features like inactivity monitoring and GPS tracking ensure extra security.

The variety of personal protection capabilities makes personal safety devices suitable for a family of all ages. They bring peace of mind to parents who worry about their kids. They protect users traveling alone. Seniors who stay a lot on their own may also need personal security products.

Learn more about how different user groups benefit from self-protection tools below.

What People Think About Personal Protection Devices

Generally, people that buy women safety products and personal alarm systems are satisfied with their experience. They use personal security products to protect themselves and care about their loved ones. Here is what they say in reviews.

“My husband bought a sound alarm years ago for personal use. Both of us travel a lot abroad and locally, so we need to take care of our safety. We had almost forgotten about this personal security alarm until it helped us. When we saw an intruder downstairs, I activated the device, and the loud sound scared the unknown person off. We got the security at the time we needed it most (Imardr)!”

“I gave personal alarms for women to both my sisters. Definitely recommend (Kathryn0442).”

“Very easy to configure and free to test (R Weinstock).”

“Yes, anyone should use it! I have a personal protection device for myself, my 13-year-old son, and my husband (Dean M.).”

These are the reviews of personal or women safety devices on Amazon and mobile apps with personal protection features. They prove users are happy with personal protection devices. But how do safety devices help?

Do Safe Personal Alarms Really Work and How?

Personal alarms for women and other personal safety alarm devices are not suitable for all life-threatening situations. Hence, you should know when to use them.

Safe personal alarms are not medical devices. They are not designed to connect patients with medical teams or monitor their health. The primary goal of personal security products is to protect people living, commuting, or traveling alone. It means that the person in need can activate safe personal alarms to inform emergency contacts about potential risks. For example, when a woman comes back home late in the evening, and someone starts stalking her, she can use a safety alarm for women. The selected emergency contacts will receive the corresponding SMS or push notification with her GPS location.

How do safe personal alarms work?

Personal security solutions fall into two broad categories: devices and applications. Personal security devices are physical devices with a panic button. These are lockets, wristbands, keychains, or other wearables that produce a loud distracting noise when activated. They can also send emergency alerts.

Safe personal alarm applications are modern substitutes to physical devices. You only need to install them on your phone to power it with a panic button, inactivity monitoring, and GPS tracking. It’s a faster, cheaper, and more convenient way to get comprehensive personal protection functionality for yourself or your loved ones.

How Different User Groups Can Use Safe Personal Alarm Devices 

Recent research shows that the number of average waking hours per day people spend alone has increased. Loners spend 11.31 hours on their own, whereas for married people with no children, it’s 6.3 hours (which is still a lot). In other words, personal security products can come in handy to many consumer categories. In fact, every family member can use them.

Adults who live/travel/commute alone

Even though adults aren’t a vulnerable group, they may also need help. They are not safe from assaults, robbed attacks, strangers entering their homes, and other forms of harassment. These common risks require a quick response and immediate help. Therefore, a panic button is the most popular feature among this group. A safe personal alarm or app enables adults to send emergency alerts to selected contacts when something threatens their lives.

Teens and children

First of all, personal security alarm devices are an effective way to know kids are okay on their way to school or friends. If they support GPS tracking, parents can even check the location of their children. Apart from monitoring, personal safety devices enable teens and kids to ask for help directly. For example, if a stranger follows them, they can activate the panic button or notify parents.

Caregivers and patients

The caregiving burden is hard to bear, but personal security products reduce it. They allow caregivers to have more time for themselves since they don’t have to worry about caretakers’ wellbeing.

In this case, both inactivity monitoring and panic button features are helpful. The panic button enables caretakers to inform emergency contacts that something has happened. Inactivity monitoring is effective when end-users are likely to fall or faint. If the end-user doesn’t interact with their device for too long, they may be in trouble.


The elderly face a higher level of safety and health threats. Besides, the number of seniors living alone grows year by year. Personal security devices with panic and inactivity alerts can make their lives safer. Seniors will be able to inform their family members when they feel bad or another urgency happens.


The first situation when women need women safety devices is when they live or travel alone. It’s a high-risk group that should use additional security measures and ensure a reliable way to request help. Women can choose their partners, family members, or friends as emergency contacts and instantly get in touch in case of a threat. The second case is domestic violence. 30% of women globally report being subjected to physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. A safety alarm for women can prevent such instances or mitigate the consequences. 

Lone Workers

Around 2.3 million fatalities related to work happen annually. Lone workers are particularly prone to security issues. These are people who work at heights or in confined spaces, leave work late at night, work with hazardous substances, or in a dangerous environment. That’s why they can benefit from a device that allows sending emergency alerts in critical situations. The panic button, inactivity monitoring, and GPS tracking are must-haves for lone workers.

AllsWell App as a Personal Alarm System

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