6 Cases When You Need A Personal Safety Tracking App

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With all the dangers lurking in the streets, there’s no better time to get a person tracker app and personal safety app than now. Currently:

Sure, a safety alarm app can help ward off an imminent physical assault. But in today’s age, there is an unquestionable necessity for a dedicated phone tracker app that captures and sends your location history to your family and friends in case something bad were to happen--and you were not able to press an alarm button in time.

In this article, we’ll define a personal tracking app, its features, and its role in your daily life. We’ll also analyze six critical instances when you need tracker apps to watch over you, your friends, and your family.

What Are Personal Tracking Apps?

As the name implies, personal tracking apps are mobile applications that keep tabs on your real-time location from your phone or tablet. These apps keep track of your real-time GPS location and display it over a map for your family and friends to find you when you need them to.

Unlike spy applications, most personal safety and tracking apps have more advanced features that enable users to request emergency services in times of distress. You can reach out to your emergency contacts in the event of an emergency through a customized message. Such apps usually come at a cost, but the results are totally worth it.

Types of Personal Tracking Apps

Personal tracking apps can be classified into two broad categories; location/GPS tracking apps and safety monitoring apps.

  • Location tracking apps have the direct goal of tracking the location of a user’s device. They tap into the device’s in-built GPS and report the coordinates to the emergency contacts. However, this way of safety check could come across as intrusive and invading somebody’s privacy.

  • Safety apps are a separate category. A safety app usually has broader functions and could be less invasive. For example, AllsWellAlert unobtrusively monitors the user’s current condition and enables them to check GPS location only when an alert to the emergency contacts is about to be sent.

Features of a Personal Safety Tracking App

A personal tracking app can be a powerful tool for protecting your loved ones. But to do that efficiently, you need the right combination features. Here’s a brief list of the features your personal safety and tracking app should have.

  • Panic button. A panic button is a big, red (or any other color) button usually at the center of the screen on your personal safety app. It is a simple way to alert emergency contacts that you need help without scrolling to individual chats or typing long messages. 

  • GPS Location Tracking. One of the most important features in a location app. It keeps your friends and family updated on your location. The app also records the user’s last known location, which can help a lot when responding to the case of a missing person. In cases of unobtrusive monitoring, the app only starts tracking when it detects a risk, with the personal data erased as soon as not needed for an alert.

  • Emergency SOS. A similar function to the panic button. The emergency SOS feature enables users to quickly reach out to emergency contacts via emergency phone calls and emergency texts.

  • 24/7 operation. No one can predict when a disaster may strike. And in case you need help, your tracking app should serve its purpose and send distress calls and messages no matter what time of day or night it is.

  • Inactivity Monitoring. This feature is more common for home monitoring devices and only recently has become available within mobile apps. However, it is a critical one as there are plenty of cases when a person at risk is unconscious or unable to manipulate their phone to ask for help.

A good personal tracking app is all about fast, automatic responses. Your safety relies on the application’s ability to function at all times, without failure, especially in the time of need.

When Do You Need Personal Tracking Apps?

A personal tracking app is your companion in times of distress. It can help save a life in case of a natural disaster, violent robbery, physical assault, or perhaps, medical emergency. Here are six instances when a personal tracking app could be a lifesaver:

  • When You Live Alone

Accidents are no stranger to people who live alone. Even worse, they do go unnoticed until it’s too late to offer any meaningful help to the hurting victim. In the US, over 34 million people live alone, mostly elderly and younger adults. A phone safety tracker app makes it easier to keep your peace of mind about your loved ones living alone.

  • When You Commute to Work Early or Late

If you work early or late, you already know that the night holds many potential threats, including physical assault and abuse, just to mention a few. While no one wants to deal with this, personal safety tracking apps have long provided a fast, convenient way to inform your loved ones that something is not okay. Tap the big red panic button and send out customized emergency alerts with a pin down of your location for them to track you easily.

  • When You Have a Chronic Condition

Chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke need to be handled with special attention. Sometimes, disaster strikes hard without warning. Abrupt inactivity of the victim’s phone could indicate that something happened. High-end personal safety tracking apps have extra features that monitor inactivity for abnormally long periods. 

These apps scan for any unusually long inactivity for a predetermined period. Suppose you don’t engage with your device as frequently as you do for a predetermined period. In that case, the app interprets this as a potentially threatening situation and serves emergency messages to your loved ones.

  • When You Travel Alone

Getting in contact across the continents is even more challenging than across the country. What’s worse, the people around you might not speak your language, and you’re even more prone to getting lost in an unfamiliar city or a sightseeing spot. Having a safety tracking app to quickly notify your relatives or friends that you need help--or where to find you--might be a life-saver.

  • Social Events

Ever been to a party, and your sixth sense gets triggered? You want to call someone you trust, but it takes way too long to get your phone and start dialing. Your personal tracking app already knows where you are. All you need to do is push the panic button, and the app sends details of your whereabouts to your emergency contacts. In case of anything, they’ll know where to find you.

  • When You Need Your Peace of Mind

Living far from your loved ones can be a headache if you have to call them all the time to know where they are and, more importantly, if they’re safe. A personal tracking app is a guardian angel that watches over your family and friends in your absence. If something’s a mess, they can send you an alert with a map on where to find them. And if the app that they’re using has inactivity monitoring, you will receive that alert even in case they’re not able to press a panic button for whatever reason.

How AllsWell Alert, Your Personal Safety and Emergency App, Can Help

If any of the above situations are familiar, it is now more important than ever to get a reliable personal emergency app to monitor your wellbeing and stay on alert for you. More functional than a mere panic button but much more affordable and flexible than home-based monitoring or medical tracking devices, the AllsWell Alert app ensures your safety and independence with:

  • Worldwide coverage

  • GPS location tracking

  • Panic button

  • Inactivity monitoring

  • Secure and encrypted user data

  • Privacy protection

Whether you live alone or travel alone, you can trust the AllsWell Alert app with your personal safety and wellbeing. Even though we don’t like to talk about it, emergencies come when you least expect it. Fortunately, all you need is a personal safety app to prepare for the unexpected. Download and install the AllsWell alert app for iOS or Android and enjoy the 1st month free.

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