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Unsettling and harrowing statistics of violent crimes against women are striking. According to Statista, there were 1,479,540 female victims of violent crimes in 2019 all over the US. Apart from the committed crimes, there is a much broader list of attempted physical and sexual assaults, muggings, and break-ins filed across the states.

Fortunately, safety devices for women can alleviate the risks and ward off or stagger the offenders. This protective equipment is proven to be helpful if you need to:

  • Attract the people around to perpetration;

  • Inform the emergency services or relatives about being in trouble;

  • Cease a dangerous situation from developing;

  • Physically neutralize the attacker.

With various products designed to ensure women's safety, it is crucial to specify whether they suit your needs and are easy to handle. So, we invite you to learn in-depth about the types of women's safety devices, their features and uses.

Types of Women's Safety Devices

The products which serve personal safety purposes can be divided according to whether they are:

  1. Wearable devices or software solutions

  2. Causing physical impact or not

Keep in mind that "safety" might not imply "personal defense" in your case. Perhaps, you only want to be able to ask for help when something threatens you. On such occasions, personal safety devices for women like alarm keychains, GPS trackers, or personal safety apps should be enough.

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Built-in smartphone and smartwatch safety features

Both iOS and Android devices support location sharing and emergency calls. As for smartwatches (e.g., Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch), they also offer heart health monitoring. The latest products of these brands have ECG reading and blood saturation level tracking. Although smartwatch manufacturers view personal safety devices for women having heart health issues as helpful, the ECG reading feature is available in only 62 countries worldwide.


  • SOS alerts and location sharing are available out of the box.

  • Your friends and family can track you in real-time or get instant GPS notifications.

  • Smartwatches allow health self-monitoring.


  • Costly gadgets like these always attract robbers.

  • When there's no cellular or internet connection, the device can only call a local emergency service. Sending messages with location, voice, or video recording is unavailable.

  • Phones and watches are used throughout the day, so you need to keep your battery charged.


Wearables and personal alarms

An indisputable advantage of safety devices for women like alarm keychains and bracelets is that you always have them close. Therefore, it would be easy to find the SOS button even blindfolded. Yet, some devices get activated by pulling out the trigger, which makes them prone to false alarms.

While being set off, the alarm keychain emits a roaring sound accompanied by a flashing strobe light that attracts the attention of passersby and deters a violator. The alarm bracelets and some unusual women's safety devices that look like jewelry, charms, or necklaces are mostly suited for sending out the SOS signal without making a sound. Therefore, they make it possible to inform the authorities or your family of the distress without revealing yourself. 


  • Convenient to use.

  • Can be a stylish complement to your wardrobe.

  • Effective for assault prevention, don't require you to fight back.

  • Low energy consumption and extended battery life.


  • Not all wearable safety devices for women are waterproof.

Personal Defense Equipment

When your life is at stake, the best way would be to fight back against the attacker. Stunning the assailant for a while gives you the precious time to retreat or reach out for help.

Pepper Sprays

Mass marketed pepper sprays typically contain 0.54 oz of substance and can fire up to 25 bursts.


  • Light-weight and compact, it can be carried around on a keychain.

  • With an average 10-12 feet effective range, you won't let the attacker come close.

  • OC tear gas neutralizes the attacker for about 15–45 minutes.


  • Traditional aerosol sprays can blow back, so it is better to opt for gel-based ones.

  • TSA regulations restrict the capacity of carried canisters to 4 oz and require transportation only in checked luggage.

Tasers and stun guns

These are reliable self-defense devices for immediate response to attackers or muggers. While a stun gun is a close-range weapon, a taser shoots out the barbed darts that bore into clothes or open skin. A stun gun model disguised as a flashlight gives you an additional advantage: you'll be ready to defend while simply lighting the way.


  • Fully incapacitate the offender and are effective for disarming.

  • The stun effect lasts for about 15 minutes.

  • Tasers allow you to maintain distance between yourself and a hostile person.


  • Unlike pepper spray, a stun gun or taser is ineffective against several aggressors. 

  • Stun guns might not work well through bulky and hard clothing. 

  • Tasers are quite expensive women safety devices, not to mention that they need replacement cartridges.

  • They are not legal to use everywhere.

Safety apps for women

If you wish to learn more about different types of safety apps for women, check one of our previous articles. Here is the general classification:

Apps for safe walking at night or jogging

These apps support real-time location tracking/sharing and send notifications on persons' leave and arrival. Some apps include automatic triggering of SOS alerts.

Safety apps for solo travelers and safe route planners

In addition to the functionality similar to "walk-at-night-alone apps," these safety devices for women give advanced suggestions for mapping a risk-free route. The tips based on human expert assessment and AI analysis will keep you updated on the neighborhoods you better stay away from.

Emergency alert apps

Along with activating SOS alerts by the panic button, apps like AllsWell can launch alerts automatically by inactivity monitoring. At times using any safety devices for women openly can only provoke the attacker. So this feature can back you up secretly.

AllsWell Alert App gets activated by prolonged smartphone inactivity and can also immensely assist self-isolated individuals with health issues. Supposedly, elderly or disabled people cannot reach the phone and call for medical aid. The AllsWell App will inform their emergency contacts in one way or another.


  • Simple installation and setting process.

  • Vast majority of apps are available with a one-month free trial, so you can decide whether they appeal to you before taking a paid subscription.

  • Cancel your subscription any time you want.

  • With $5 to $12 per month, you can substitute costly women safety devices or even home security systems.


  • Some women's safety apps aren't available worldwide.

  • Functions like live-streaming or multimedia sharing are unavailable offline.

What to Look for When Buying Personal Safety Devices for Women: A Checklist

Rounding up the facts about safety devices for women, we want to draw your attention to points you should consider before purchase.

The purpose. If you don't plan to fight back against an assailant and don't feel much like being capable of doing it, why not opt for keychain alarms and mobile apps?

Versatility. You never know whether you end up in a situation where it is rational to attract attention with a loud alarm or send SOS messages secretly. Therefore, it's better to pick gadgets that support both options.

Waterproof. IPX7 waterproof devices can withstand taking a shower and come in handy if you ever slip and get badly hurt. Although sealed construction of women's safety devices may increase their cost, you should consider this feature too.

Cost. Evaluate the features of a device and correlate them with its price rather than focus on a renowned brand name. Once you have determined the models with desired features, analyze customer feedback and expert assessments to make the final decision. Therefore, your choice will be worth its cost and satisfy you.

Why AllsWell Alert for Women's Safety

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Why use AllsWell Alert:

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  • Easy-to-set sleep and wake periods, precise inactivity time setting.

  • Allows up to 11 emergency contacts

  • User-friendly interface

  • No installations fees

  • Available through AppStore and Google Play Market

  • 30-day trial and 10 $/month paid subscription

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