3 Steps to Choose a Personal GPS Tracker Detector App

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Every year, 200,955 US citizens die of unintentional injury. 42,114 of deaths are caused by accidental falls. The rates of burglaries, attacks, and other crimes are also striking. If you live alone, even minor threats may have dreadful consequences. You may face risky situations when you travel, do outdoor sports, commute to work, or even stay at home. Since you spend the most time on your own, no one is around to help when something happens.

How to secure yourself in such situations? Get a GPS tracker detector app with real-time alerts. These applications upgrade your phone with a panic button you can click to send emergency alerts. After panic button activation selected contacts immediately receive panic messages with exact GPS coordinates. Since the location is precise, it takes minimum time to reach you.

This article guides you on picking the best GPS tracker detector app. Follow the steps below to choose the right solution for yourself or your loved ones.

What is a Personal GPS Tracker Detector App

A personal GPS detector app is a mobile application that uses the GPS tracking capabilities of your phone to send emergency alerts with coordinates. After you install it, a panic button appears on your smartphone screen. The application also prompts you to configure emergency contacts. These are the people who will receive a GPS alert when you click the panic button.

The most advanced GPS tracker detector apps like AllsWell combine the panic button with inactivity monitoring. This feature activates GPS alerts if the user doesn’t interact with their phone for too long. A prolonged period of inactivity is considered a warning sign and triggers emergency notifications. They can save lives when the user cannot reach the phone but still needs help. It’s an additional layer of personal protection.

3 Steps To Choose a GPS Tracker Detector App

To find the GPS detector app perfect for your needs, choose it carefully. Be ready to research several options to understand which one is the most suitable. Here we offer three simple steps to guide you in this process.

Step #1. See What Types of Solutions Are Available

We have already explained what a GPS tracker detector app is and how it works. It’s a basic Android or iOS application you need to install on your phone. The technical requirements allow using GPS detector apps on practically any modern phone. You only need to be able to go to the app store and download it.

Even though GPS tracker detector apps are the most commonly used solution, GPS tracking devices are also available. These are small wearables with a panic button and GPS tracking. They usually look like classic pendants or keychains. Like apps, GPS tracker devices trigger emergency alerts when the user clicks the panic button. They can be an alternative if you cannot use a GPS tracker detector app for any reason. Even though apps are more convenient, it’s always good to know other options.

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Step #2. Analyze Who is the End-User

GPS tracker detectors are suitable for all family members, from seniors with memory problems to kids. Hence, you can get one for yourself or any other person who needs to be tracked.

Here are the most common types of end-users and their needs:

  • Adult users. Adults should use tracking device detector apps when they spend a lot of time alone and want a reliable way to ask for help. The app enables them to send emergency alerts both when they are away from home or sleep in their beds. It’s a popular way to enjoy advanced personal safety. Overall, even adults living in large families can benefit from GPS detector apps. Such applications are helpful to stay in touch and quickly exchange information in case of emergencies.

  • Employees. Organizations and businesses may need to track the location of their employees for many reasons. The safety of lone workers is the most significant one. When people working alone have a panic button app with GPS tracking, they are better protected. If something threatens their life, health, or security, they can send emergency alerts with a location in a fraction of a second.

  • Travelers. Lone travelers and groups going to remote destinations risk getting lost. That’s when they need a GPS tracker detector to share the location and ask someone to provide help.

  • Children & teens. If parents worry about the safety of their kids, they should buy tracking device detector apps. Since children spend a lot of time with their smartphones and always have them at hand, a mobile application is an effective personal safety solution.

  • Seniors. Caregivers and other people who look for their older relatives should enable them to send emergency GPS alerts. In the US, 62% of people aged 70+ have smartphone and, therefore, can use a mobile panic button in emergencies.

Understanding who will use the GPS tacker and why, you know what types of solution and functionality matches their needs. It simplifies the choice of the best GPS tracker detector app.

Step #3. Research The Offered Features and Safety

Now, when you know who will use the GPS detector app, check out its features. Besides GPS tracking, a quality tracker should have a panic button, custom emergency alerts, emergency contact lists, and inactivity monitoring.

User data security is another critical thing to consider. Ideally, the application should capture geolocation data only several minutes before sending an alert. It protects the personal information of users and prevents data leakage or misuse.

Finally, once you choose a GPS tracker detector app, be sure to test it. Testing lets you see how the app works and decide whether you want to use it for personal safety GPS tracking. Many providers, including AllsWell, offer a free trial or subscription.

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