The Dangers of Living Alone: Top Apps for Seniors Living Alone to Protect Your Loved Ones

AllsWell Team

First published in March 2018, updated on June 24, 2021.


  1. Risks to the Seniors Living Alone
  2. Advice for Seniors Living Alone
  3. Mobile Apps for Seniors Living Alone


Do you remember the catchy song by the band Cheap Trick, where they sing, “Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright”? The song talks about the difference between generations. However, these lyrics may also compel you to call your parents or loved ones and ask whether everything is all right.

Almost all people, especially seniors living alone, are vulnerable to certain issues, and it is our duty to look out for each other. In that regard, the AllsWell Alert team decided to explore the main challenges of seniors living alone and find the means to relieve them.


Risks to the Seniors Living Alone

They are susceptible to various diseases and health-related personal emergencies – heart attacks, strokes, dementia, falls resulting in broken limbs, etc. All of these may lead to unwanted consequences. You never know when your loved one could fall down senseless. As they say, a man can drown even in a puddle. Millions of such accidents go unnoticed every year. Sometimes, with devastating consequences, so it’s better safe than sorry.

They may feel lonesome. Not every senior can find new friends among older adults or keep in touch with their children via phone during the day. There is a way to cheer your senior parents up by buying a pet. But the pet will only bring emotions, and when it comes to safety, we need a solution like a personal emergency alert system.

They may feel a new lease of life. Some people in the twilight of life do not feel like putting their feet up. On the contrary, they discover new hobbies and try everything they had previously wished to do during their lives. And you are lucky if your 65-year-old mother has only decided to start a book club because she just as easily could decide she wants to conquer mountain peaks! These types of hobbies pose a real danger to her health and your emotional well-being as well.


Advice for Seniors Living Alone

Taking into account all the previously mentioned risks, a reasonable question arises: how can we provide safety for the elderly living alone, especially for your loved ones who are healthy, active, and independent people that do not want to be assisted. First of all, discuss your parents' feelings with them. The frame of mind can affect your loved one’s health and energy level more than any medication. So take the matter seriously. Then, suggest they follow the tips below as a way to change the situation:   

Dad, I do not want you to be alone all the time. Please, get to know some other seniors. Sign up for some different classes (yoga, a book club, or gardening), and start some new (safe) hobbies. Live your life to the fullest!

Mom, let me help you to come to grips with new technologies. Stop being afraid of getting a new smartphone, iPad, etc. Just ask me or your grandchild to explain the latest trends to you. Do not be afraid to ask for my help.

I have a lot to do during the day, but I can always come to you if you need me. Just let me know something is wrong and I'll be there.


Mobile Apps for Seniors Living Alone

A sound piece of advice is always valuable. Nevertheless, how can we help those who are self-sufficient, lead pro-active lifestyles, and are not going to “bite the dust” anytime soon? The answer will make everyone happy: technological progress! There are millions of technological means and mobile apps for seniors living alone to help them stay in touch and stay safe.

#1 Must-Have App for Seniors Living Alone: Communication Apps.

Calling, texting, or emailing. These are all simple ways to reach someone and stay connected, yet there are a few problems with these technologies:

  • First, calling is only effective if you do it frequently because you never know when something might happen;
  • This leads to a second problem: who wants to be called every hour and feel monitored like a child? It can quickly become obtrusive and unproductive;
  • Finally, you are probably a busy person, balancing a career and family life, so chances are you will either not remember to call frequently or not have time to do so.


#2 Must-Have App for Seniors Living Alone: Medical Apps.

A medical alert system or senior safety monitoring system in their home. Sounds secure, however, there are a few drawbacks.

  • First, you will probably need to have a technician come to the house and install the system. This is time-consuming and intrusive.
  • Second, wearing a button is often stigmatizing, a representation of old age or dependence, which most of us would rather avoid.
  • Third, these systems frequently only work within the house or a constrained area, so they will not help when your relative goes around town, visits friends, or travels.
  • Fourth, if an accident happens, it is often too late to press the panic button to send an alert. And lastly, even if they come with no initiation or cancellation fees, these medical alert systems have monthly fees of around $30 a month.


#3 Must-Have App for Seniors Living Alone: Inactivity Monitoring Alerts.

AllsWell Alert, a Personal Emergency and Safety Alert application for smartphones. At AllsWell, we understand your need to be there for your loved ones, but also respect the desire of seniors living alone to stay independent. This is why we developed the most affordable personal emergency alert system that combines a panic button with inactivity monitoring.

AllsWell iAlert s a non-intrusive solution, which requires no hardware installation and no buttons to wear. It works virtually everywhere in the world, costs a fraction of the price of medical alert systems at less than $2 per week, and is set up in just a few minutes. You just need to register your loved one in the app, and if there is a period of inactivity, an alert is sent to the chosen emergency contacts along with medical information and an exact location. With AllsWell’s personal emergency and safety alert app, you can sleep with peace of mind, knowing your relatives are no longer alone.

Try it for free for Android or iOS devices. Compare AllsWell app with other emergency response systems for elderly people living alone to make the right choice.



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