Who Should Be On Your Emergency Contact List and Why

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There are numerous ways to improve personal safety, and one of them is installing a safety app. It doesn't require much space or finance and has many valuable features, including emergency contacts. An emergency contact is a person that will receive instant alerts when you click the panic button. Hence, it must be someone reliable who knows critical information about you like health condition and blood type. The chosen individual must also be ready to help you in an emergency as soon as possible.

Would you like to learn more tips on choosing emergency contacts? Read on for professional advice.

What Does It Mean to Have Someone as an Emergency Contact?

What is an emergency contact? An emergency contact is a person, office, or institution that can be your referral in emergencies. Here's an example that explains how it works.

Let's imagine Thomas with a chronic health condition like diabetes. He tries to lead a healthy lifestyle, but there are specific scenarios he can't control, like too much sugar in the fries he eats at a party. The rapid decrease of insulin levels can lead to terrifying consequences, but luckily for him, Thomas installed a safety app with an emergency SOS button. He taps it, and all his emergency contacts receive a notification with his location. They can rush for help to reach the place or call the ambulance if the situation is critical.

Depending on how you add emergency contacts, the outcome of your emergency will differ. Emergency contact means a person or a service with specific characteristics that is available at any time and can take care of you. It must be someone you trust and can rely on.

Must-Have Qualities of the Person in Your Emergency Contacts

So who deserves to be your emergency savior? This person must have several qualities that make it reliable enough.


The person or service you contact must be online or at least ready to respond to emergency alerts at any time. Ideally, you should choose someone who has the same routine, location, and sleep schedule.

We recommend discussing the details with every person you add to your emergency contacts beforehand. This way, these people will know how to behave in critical situations and what you expect from them.


This quality is connected with the previous one. There is not much sense in accessibility if this person ignores phone notifications and SMS messages. Your emergency contact list must contain responsible people who will be ready to help anytime and anywhere.


Remaining calm and considerate in a dangerous situation may be difficult for anyone – we're all just humans, after all. Nevertheless, having an experienced person who won't panic when notified about your danger is probably one of the best characteristics in case of an emergency. A person with a medical or military background who knows how to behave in an emergency would be a good choice.

What Should Emergency Contacts Know About You?

The qualities of your possible savior are significant, but this person has to be informed about several essential things. These details will enable them to provide you with quality help and can even save your life.

So don't forget to tell emergency contacts more about:

Blood type 

Knowing the blood type of the person in trouble may be critical in emergencies. If they have a severe injury and need a transfusion or surgery, this information will allow an ambulance to provide quality care asap.

Health condition

Your potential saviors should know about your health issues, risks, and doctor's recommendations to ensure your safety. Write down all important details and send them to selected people as an email or message. This way, they will always have the necessary information at hand.

Possible habits 

The accessibility that we've talked about applies to both parties. What are your habits, routine, and leisure activities? Where do you spend the most time? Inform your contacts about this so that your bar adventure at 3 pm won't be a surprise for them. 


Location will enable your emergency contact to reach your place within the shortest time or direct the emergency services. The latter can be notified with location services and safety apps. So don't turn your GPS trackers off and always prefer safety apps with location tracking.

Who Should You Add and Why?

We've gone over all the primary requirements for an emergency contact person. We hope now you know who to add and are ready to install a safety app on your phone. An app like AllsWell is the most convenient way to keep an emergency contact book, as your smartphone is always in your pocket and modern GPS trackers rarely fail. 

Who do people usually choose for the role of their potential saviors? The most obvious option is to contact your partner, friends, or family members. They know a lot about your health and habits and will do everything to help you. The trust rate is high, but it is important to remember that friends and relatives may be busy, so choose wisely. In case you don't have anyone reliable, you can add an attorney, primary care doctor, business partner, therapist, or your institution (job, university).

If you only trust the official bodies, 911 is your best option. They are always available but often lack the required information your friends and relatives may have. In 63% of cases, people contact 911 to call the police, less frequently as an ambulance (31%), and only in 6% of cases for fire. Mind that when choosing 911 as your emergency option.

AllsWell for Automated Emergency Contact Alerts

AllsWell Alert is a personal safety & emergency alert app for people living, commuting, or traveling alone. It combines the panic button functionality with inactivity monitoring, enabling the app to send your emergency contact an alert with your location even when you cannot press a button.

You only need to install the app on the phone and do a quick setup. Once you finish, the selected contacts will instantly get notified.

Here's how to set up an emergency contact list in AllsWell:

  1. Download the AllsWell app on your Android or iOS.

  2. Go to the main page -> Emergency Contacts.

  3. Click Add a new person.

  4. Enter Phone, First & Last name, and Email.

  5. Click Save.

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