How does AllsWell's safety app work?

What is the AllsWell Safety Alert App?

AllsWell Alert is a personal safety app for people living, commuting, or traveling alone. It combines the panic button functionality with inactivity monitoring, enabling the app to send your emergency contact a safety alert with your location even when you cannot press a button.

Thanks to its extensive configuration capabilities, this safety alert app is universal. You can install it if you are a woman seeking advanced personal safety or a senior spending a lot of time on your own. It's also suitable for kids, lone workers, and anyone else who wants more security in their everyday lives.

The AllsWell personal safety app costs $9.99/month and has a 30-day free trial, so it's more than affordable.

Core Safety App Features: Safety Alarms and Inactivity Monitoring

The AllsWell Alert personal safety app offers the best combination of passive and active alert features. While other solutions focus on alerts triggered with a panic button, our app also works when the user cannot reach the phone. It increases users' security and makes the application helpful in a broader range of life-threatening situations.

Learn more about the core functionality of the AllsWell safety app below.

Safety alerts activated with a panic button

After you install the AllsWell Alert safety app, it will power your phone with a panic button. This button works similarly to the panic button in personal safety devices like wearable keychains or lockets.

Once you feel that something threatens your life or meet the danger face to face, you can reach your phone to tap the panic button in the app. When activated, the panic button feature instantly sends safety alarms to the selected emergency contacts. These may be your partner, friends, relatives, employer, or anyone else. The contacted people decide what to do next depending on the emergency. They can either rush to help themselves or reach emergency services like 911.

The AllsWell safety app delivers emergency alerts via SMS and email. SMS notifications are generally considered the most reliable way to reach someone since they don't require an Internet connection and are easy to notice.

The main idea behind panic button alerts is that the user needs to activate them. It means that the person can reach the phone and take action. Even though it's possible in most risky situations, sometimes the person may be unable to tap the red button. That's when inactivity monitoring saves lives.

Inactivity monitoring based on the phone's motion sensor

While panic button alerts require user action, the inactivity monitoring feature delivers alerts automatically. It's a backup emergency alert option for emergencies when the user cannot hit the panic button. For example, the person may fall, faint, lose the phone, become immobile because of the injury, etc.

How does the mobile inactivity feature work?

The app uses the movement detector embedded into the user's smartphone to track interactions with the phone. If the standstill exceeds the indicated time, the personal safety app reads this as a potential threat to the user. Then, the AllsWell app automatically delivers email, SMS, and push notifications to selected contacts.

The user still has five minutes to cancel the safety alert if the app has sent them by mistake. Yet, the risk of a false alarm is minimized since you can choose the inactivity period based on your needs and phone usage. The phone counts down the time interval from the specified WAKE TIME to BEDTIME. Hence, it doesn't trigger inactivity alerts at night.

This feature is particularly handy for seniors living alone and family members who worry about their wellbeing. It allows you to monitor your loved ones without being intrusive. You can be sure that you'll be the first to know if anything bad happens.

Additional features to note

Besides the main functionality mentioned above, the AllsWell personal safety app has other helpful features, including:

  • GPS tracking. AllsWell supplements all safety alerts with the primary user's GPS location. This information allows the notified contacts to instantly locate the person in need to provide help. It is worth noting that the personal safety app captures the user's location before sending an alert.

  • Flexible safety alert settings. The user can choose whom on the contact list to notify and when.

  • International coverage. The AllsWell personal safety app is available globally so that anyone can use it. You can also install the app before traveling abroad to get additional security and stay in touch with your loved ones during a trip.

Find the description of all Features of AllsWell Alert here.

AllsWell Safety App vs. Home Safety Systems That Require Installation

Safety apps are often used as an alternative to pricey home safety systems. Although their functionality and look differ, they both enable users to get help in emergencies.

Home Safety Systems

Home safety systems are safety devices consisting of a control panel, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras. The control panel is a computer that controls the work of all components of the security system. When someone enters a security zone, it turns on the alarm and informs the police or an alarm monitoring company about the threat.

If you decide to opt for home safety systems, be ready to pay for the installation. It is professional equipment that requires specific maintenance.

On the other hand, the AllsWell Alert doesn't require installation and is cheaper. Besides, while home safety systems cover only the areas where they are installed, the personal safety app protects you everywhere.


AllsWell Alert

Home Safety Systems

Main use

Personal safety at home, work, on a solo trip, during a late walk, etc.

Safety of the property at home, in an office, or store



Control panel, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras





The user can install and configure the app themselves

The user needs to ask the home safety system provider to install and configure it


The user has the app at hand as long as they keep their smartphone close

The system works only while you stay within its reach


9.99$/month or $99.99/year

From 35$/month to 600$/month and up

AllsWell Safety App vs. Medical Alert Systems

There are medical emergencies when AllsWell Alert can save lives. Yet, generally, the personal safety app is not intended for medical use since it doesn't collect health information.

That's why we need to distinguish between the functionality and uses of AllWell Alert vs. medical alert systems.

Med Alert System

Medical alert systems are primarily designed for users with health issues, not for personal safety. These are either wearables with a panic button or specialized devices that track the user's health status. When a health issue is detected, or the user clicks the panic button, med alerts send an alarm to an emergency call center, medical personnel, or caregivers.

Whereas safety apps are suitable for everyone, medical alert systems are the most effective for seniors and vulnerable loved ones. Med alerts are also more expensive to purchase and maintain than apps like AllsWell Alert.

Hence, if you or your family members have serious health issues, you'd better consult with the medical team and get a recommended med alert system. If the user is generally in good health but needs some extra monitoring, AllsWell Alert is perfectly enough.


AllsWell Alert

Medical Alert Devices

Main use

Personal safety at home, work, on a solo trip, during a late walk, etc.

Med alerts and health monitoring



Wearable medical alert devices and control panel



Mobile/Connected to the power outlet


The user can install and configure the app themselves

The medical personnel needs to connect and monitor a med alert system


The user has the app at hand as long as they keep their smartphone close

The user needs to keep a wearable device at hand all the time, which is less convenient than mobile apps


9.99$/month or $99.99/year

From 50$/month for basic medical alert devices to 500 $/month for complex systems

Checklist: When You Need the AllsWell Safety App

Now, when you know what makes the AllsWell safety alarm app special, it's time to understand whether you need it. Go through this checklist step by step to make up your mind.

Get the AllsWell safety app if:

  • You live/commute/travel alone and worry about your personal safety

  • You have mild health issues and may need urgent help

  • You live in a dangerous neighborhood where a lot of crimes happen 

  • You travel as a part of a group and want to stay connected with everyone

  • You are a woman that seeks additional security

  • You are a lone worker that may have trouble contacting your team or employer

  • You have senior parents and need ways to monitor their wellbeing

  • You are a caregiver and need to stay in touch with those you care for

  • You are a senior yourself and want more safety while aging at home

  • You have kids and want to enable them to ask for help in risky situations 

If you still have doubts about using the AllsWell safety app, the good news is you can test it free for a month on iOS or Android. This way, you can check how it works and try all the features.

How to Use Personal Safety App: Registration and Setup

To start monitoring your safety, you can create and setup your AllsWell account in a couple of simple steps.

Learn how to register and configure an account in both cases below.

Steps to register your account

  1. Install the AllsWell safety app on your phone from Google Play or App Store.

  2. Open the app and enter your phone, name, surname, and email.

  1. The safety alarm app will send a 4-digit code to your phone for verification

  2. Enter the contact details of the person you'd like to notify in emergencies on the next screen.


5. Choose a subscription plan (monthly or annual subscription).

6. You will see the main screen where you can finish the settings.



Account settings

  • Go to Schedule to select the active time and when to deliver alerts for the inactivity monitoring feature. Click Update once you finish.

  • Go to Emergency Contacts and click Add a new person to add emergency contacts.


  • Go to Personal Info to change your personal details.

  • Go to Plans to switch the safety alert app plan.

  • Go to the menu in the upper right corner of the screen to Invite a friend, read FAQs, or log out.

How to Initiate or Cancel Your Safety Alert with AllsWell Safety App

There are two ways for initiating a safety alert:


  • Open the app on your smartphone and press a panic button.

  • An alert will be sent to all your emergency contacts in 3 seconds.

  • You can cancel the alert by swiping down the red panic button on the screen within the 3-second countdown.

  • If you swipe down and cancel the alert during the countdown, the alert will be stopped with no additional notification.

  • If you don’t swipe down, the alert will be sent. You will still be able to cancel it with the same swiping down motion, but in this case the app will ask you to confirm if you really want to cancel the alert. 

  • If you click on Yes, the message on the dashboard will appear: “ALERT CANCELLED. Your Contacts were notified”.

    Your emergency contacts will simultaneously receive the notification that you’ve canceled the alert.

Automated Inactivity Alerts

  • Automated Inactivity Alerts will be initiated automatically when your phone hasn’t been active for longer than the designated ‘inactivity’ period.

  • Before sending an emergency alert to your contacts, the app will send you an in-app pre-alert message: “Alert process initiated. To cancel, open the app.” 

  • You will have 5 minutes to open the app and cancel the alert after receiving the pre-alert message.

  • To stop the alert process, tap and open the notification. 

  • After these actions, you will see a message: “ALERT PROCESS STOPPED.Your Contacts were not notified”.

  • If you ignore the pre-alert message, the emergency alert will be sent to all your designated contacts in 5 minutes.

  • You can still cancel the alert by opening the app and сlicking the blue “Cancel alert” button.


  • Your emergency contacts will then be notified that you’ve canceled the alert.

This guide has covered the main information on how to use the personal safety alarm app by AllsWell. If you have additional questions or face any difficulties, don't hesitate to contact us for support.