If your smartphone isn't moved for a set time, AllsWell sends an email and text to loved ones with your location.
No home installation. No stigmatizing buttons.
Peace of mind for $10 a month.
First month is on us
Ready-to-go in just a few clicks. No hardware required.
No payment info required, no fees, no obligation

How it Works

Smartphones are part of our lives. We use our smartphones on average five times per waking hour. Every time you handle your smartphone, its motion sensor detects you are active. If your smartphone isn't moved for a set time, AllsWell will automatically send an email and text to loved ones with your location.

Easy Set Up

All you need is a computer, your smartphone and a few minutes. On your computer, create your profile, set up your schedule and your recipients. After that, on your smartphone, download the AllsWell app and sign in to synchronize your phone.

Manage Your Account

Once your account is set up, managing your account is simple. When logged on, you can change your schedule, add or delete an emergency contact, update your personal information and enter your payment information.

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